When you don’t have access to a car, you have to rely on public transportation. This means dealing with all of the other people traveling from home to work and back again. Of course, with so many work-exhausted people together in tight spaces, you’re bound to be in for a surprise sometimes.

While there is some unspoken commuting etiquette (not to mention all the signs and announcements that urge you to be considerate towards others), not everyone behaves on buses and trains. Sometimes that can lead to irritation — but other times, you can’t help but laugh!

1. Gaming can cause a serious addiction that should not be taken lightly. That being said, this man somehow installing his entire setup on a New York subway train and playing it on his commute is both impressive and hilarious.

2. Some people just can’t sleep sitting up! Surely placing your entire weight on two metal bars on your chest and shins is much more comfortable. He can also check everyone on the train for lice quite easily. Truly a free thinker.

3. Clearly, this poor, naive man hasn’t heard of the black plague that’s going around. What do you think? Is this the face of excitement to go home after a long day of work or is this an expression of utter terror?

4. When you work late, it’s not always fun to get home, cook a whole dinner, and then eat it some after 9 pm. This clever woman started her meal preparations early to save time in the kitchen later. Eat up, girl!

5. Dude, stop the spread. There’s no reason you need to take up THIS much space. Read the expression of the woman on your left. Oh wait, you can’t, you’d have to close your legs to turn around.

6. Have you ever been so late for work that you just jump straight from the shower onto the subway platform? Or did this woman run away from a spa once they revealed that their scrubs still use plastic beads?

7. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, noooo. A delicious, fresh pizza on the floor is about the saddest thing one can come across on the street. This woman is NOT going to be happy when she wakes up. 

8. Some days are just not your day, and you almost wish you were invisible. Well, say no more. With a ghillie suit, you can now ride the subway without being recognized by anyone. People may confuse you for a Minecraft monster, though.

9. Dude, last night your grandpa got so drunk he parked in the middle of the bus and fell asleep in it. Don’t worry, he kept his seatbelt on during the entire commute.

10. “What are you looking at? Staring at the feline growth on my torso is rude.” We get it, girl, we all wish we could bring our kitties to work. We’re just not sure if it’s worth the claw marks you’ll find on your chest later.

11. At first, this gingerbread man puppet may seem a little odd, but when you realize that this is the New York City subway, and the man on the left is clearly dressed for the middle of summer, the giant Christmas decoration just got a lot weirder.

12. Being a full-time working single dad is a struggle. When the baby kept you up all night and made you sleep through your alarm, you have no choice but to strap said baby to your chest, pack up your computer, and finish your presentation on the bus to work. Superdad!

13. Yeah, sure, you’ve been tired, but have you ever been THIS exhausted? Probably not. Slamming your nose against a metal bar because of fatigue is totally next level. 

14. This gives a whole new outlook on the term “a head of lettuce.” She must have gotten cold, wanted to cover up a bald spot, or was saving some delicious iceberg as a snack for later. Don’t let a bunny near your head, though!

15. Hopefully, this book is just part of a prank because most women do not want to be disturbed first thing in the morning on their way to work nor after a long day on their way home. Try a bar or a coffee shop, mate.

16. This guy seems to LOVE knitting. Not only does he already seem quite far on whatever that white thing is he’s working on, but it looks like he’s already made his entire outfit. He must spend a lot of his time commuting. 

17. At first, you may notice the irony of the newspaper headline, “subway maniac incidents soar,” until you notice the fella hanging upside down from the center pole. Is this one of those maniacs you speak of, or is he just doing a dance routine? Could be both…

18. On the one hand, we applaud this crafty lady for putting together her own personal space bubble, something we all wish we had sometimes. On the other hand, if you have any idea how crowded the New York subway can get, you know how selfish this is.

19. Hey man, it happens. Plenty of people have fallen asleep on unknown shoulders before, and the guy on the edge seems too preoccupied to even notice. What’s more disturbing is that the snorer is still holding up his book.

20. We’ve all seen a pet on the subway from time to time, but rarely do we ever see a goth girl bring in a giant raven on her lap. Let’s just hope it keeps its business in until that woman has reached her stop.

21. There are many unspoken rules about riding public transportation, but not one of them says “make yourself at home!” We know. You’re tired, and it’s hot. But let’s all keep our shirts on while commuting.

22. Tigger, is that you? Assuming the bottom of the tiger was once white, this stuffed animal must have taken a lot of subway rides. At least they each have found a friend in each other!

23. If you’ve ever ridden the New York subway in January, you may have taken notice of the No Pants Subway Ride, an annual event where commuters strip down to their skivvies below the waist for fun. Make sure to keep some pants on hand, though, to warm up when you exit the train.

24. This is actually a brilliant way to provide yourself with some balance when you can’t reach any of the poles. We definitely recommend a longer stick though, for your own comfort. And don’t forget to use a clean plunger, for everyone’s comfort.

25. We have a lot of questions here: Who bought this many balloons? How did they get them all on the subway? Why did they take them all on the subway? There are no answers. Only balloons.