Drinking straws are the kind of simple, inexpensive item that seemingly serves only one purpose. Sure, you can sip your favorite sodas out of them, and kids like the ones with the funky colors and loops, but most of the time they’re not even necessary.

And, because many eschew straws these days, they’ve also become the kind of objects that accumulate in junk drawers and pantries. Nobody likes to feel wasteful, of course, so what is one supposed to do with all those excess straws?

Luckily, there is a solution—eight of them, in fact! Don’t throw out your straws yet, because chances are, you’re going to find at least one of these uses extremely helpful!

1. Many people have a hard time keeping track of the wires for all of the different devices in their home, so use drinking straws to label and organize them. The straws also keep the wires from breaking and splitting.


2. Do you have a DIY garden? Straws are a great way to label your herbs!


 3. Slide a straw into a bottle of wine, cover the top end with your thumb, and use the suction to pick up broken bits of cork so they don’t get into anyone’s drinks.

10-drinking-strawsColin / Wikimedia Commons

4. Covering the tips of your tweezers with straws protects them from getting dull or hurting kids that might grab onto them.


5. Get rid of the green stalks of strawberries by punching a straw through the fruit.


6. If your gold chains are prone to getting tangled, simply slide them through straws. This is a great hack for travelers, too.


7. DIY your own vacuum-sealed bags by sucking air using a straw before placing them in the freezer.


8. Got droopy daisies? Prop them up with straws!


With all of these different uses for drinking straws, there’s no reason to ever throw them out again! Chances are you’ll be able to think of new straw ideas yourself, too!

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