There are some foods you can’t help but love to eat, even if they are impossibly messy and tough to handle. Things like watermelon with its seeds, pomegranates, and even oranges provide serious challenges.

One of the most infamous hard-to-eat foods is definitely corn. No barbecue is complete without this buttery, salty, delicious treat, but it can be hard to manage and uncomfortable to eat straight from the cob.

It turns out that it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s a whole new way to eat corn that proves you’ve been doing it wrong your entire life!

Do you love eating corn on the cob, but hate the messy experience? Or maybe your teeth just aren’t what they used to be? Whatever the cause, there’s no reason to stop noshing on this tasty summertime treat. But did you know you’ve likely been doing it wrong? Try this nifty trick so you can enjoy corn on the cob without all the fuss. First, remove one row of kernels, as pictured below…

The next step is almost identical to the first and it’s definitely just as easy. Grasp the corn in the palm of your hand and use your thumb to push the next adjacent row of kernels into the empty row you created in the first step. If you do it right, the kernels should pop out with ease!

Now, all you have to do is quickly rotate your ear of cooked corn and push out each row of kernels in exactly the same way. You can eat them with your fingers, or plop them onto a plate and dress them in salt in butter. Think it’s a whole lot of work? Well, there is one huge perk to trying this method…

By using this technique you don’t risk the chance that you will leave any bits of corn behind! You know when you’re done eating corn on the cob and there’s still plenty of good food left? This process makes that a thing of the past.

A new way of eating corn that gets rid of unnecessary waste and makes eating it infinitely easier on your teeth? Sign us up! It’s crazy that this technique is only just now making the rounds online, but once you see the results, you’ll be trying it for yourself.

If you aren’t sure that you have performed this new technique correctly, let this photograph below be your guide! You will know that you have eaten your corn correctly if the empty corn cob looks as clean as this one does.

To give you a better example, on the left you will find a picture of a cob of corn that was eaten the traditional way using your teeth. On the right is the fully cleared corn cob that can be formed using this cool new technique. See the difference?

The response to this new way of eating corn on the cob has been over the top. People on social media can’t stop talking about how foolish they feel for never realizing that there was such an easy—and more effective—way to eat this tasty treat.

People are so wild about this new method of eating their favorite summer vegetable that they are sharing photographs of their own experiments of this “corny” (ha!) technique on Twitter. The likes keep on pouring in…

This isn’t the first time people have tried to find an easier way to eat corn on the cob with more speed. Check out what happened when these folks decided to put their corn on the cob on a drill! The outcome, however, isn’t very pleasant…

Clearly, the world needed this new and easy way to make eating corn on the cob a total breeze. You should definitely try this one the next time you’ve got corn on the menu!

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