Given the vast size of the universe, it makes complete sense that there are some forms of life that we simply haven’t discovered yet. Though many will be skeptical, every strange discovery we make has the potential to be something we’ve truly never seen before.

Take this creature in Costa Rica, for instance. A man was driving on a rural road when he spotted vultures surrounding an animal body. When he looked at the creature, he realized it was unlike anything he’d ever seen!

A man was recently driving on a rural road in Costa Rica when he spotted a number of vultures crowded around a body at the foot of a steep cliff.

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He pulled over thinking maybe someone had fallen, but when he scared the birds away, he was shocked at what he saw…

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It was some sort of creature that looked vaguely humanoid, but with sharp teeth and strange, horn-like ears.

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Soon after he posted pictures of his discovery online, many began speculating that the creature might be an alien, or even a gargoyle or demon of some sort.

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Skeptics say it appears to be the body of a South American tapir, but neither the creature’s snout nor the size of its head seem to match that animal’s usual appearance. Unfortunately, the man has not disclosed the location of the creature’s body, so we may never know for sure.

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What a weird discovery! It certainly doesn’t look like any animal most people would be familiar with.

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