Considering how fragile babies are, it’s no wonder that parents can become overprotective—especially when their little ones are sleeping. Even with baby monitors and other tools, it’s easy to worry that something might go wrong.

Like any new parents, Gabriel Moore and his wife constantly checked in on their son, Tyler, to make sure he was safe. But on one fateful night, they went into his room and found something they didn’t expect.

Once they saw what little Tyler was doing while fast asleep, they knew they had to run for their camera. And when you see the video, you’ll be glad they did!

When you’re a new parent to a young child, just about everything that your little one does is fascinating, not to mention adorable. It’s no wonder, then, that so many parents emphasize documenting these formative years.

Petr Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures

Even when they’re not taking pictures or videos of their children, there’s nothing quite like gazing at their little bundle of joy and being awestruck by the fact that something so special could even exist at all.

That’s just part of the reason why so many parents love to watch their children sleep at night. When you spend so much of your days (and, quite often, nights) dealing with the hectic nature of keeping them fed, well-behaved, and safe, it’s nice to see how peaceful they can be…

That being said, there are still a number of strange and unpredictable things that can happen to a young child in their sleep. Even some parents who think they know their kids inside and out might find themselves surprised…

On one otherwise perfectly normal night, new dad Gabriel Moore and his wife decided to visit their infant son, Tyler, in his room one night as he was sleeping, just like plenty of other parents would for their children. Little did they know that they were in for a surprise.

Just about every moment with a baby is special and worth remembering for a young couple, so the married couple decided to document this seemingly mundane experience on their camera using night vision technology.

Yet this was not going to be the same experience that most parents would have while watching their children sleep. All it took was for Gabriel to gently push down on Tyler’s right arm for him to realize that something strange was happening to his son.

Don’t worry—there definitely didn’t seem to be anything technically wrong with baby Tyler. In fact, what he was doing was so hilarious to the new parents that they struggled to hold back their laughter!

It’s so hilarious that little Tyler had such a strange reflex that he didn’t even seem to be aware of it. He was like a tiny, adorable robot! Let’s just hope that he won’t be part of a larger plot for world domination anytime soon…

Once you see this adorable and funny footage in its entirety for yourself, you’ll definitely understand why it was so difficult for Gabriel and his wife to avoid laughing so hard that they woke the baby. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Tyler is now a healthy eight-year-old boy, but his parents won’t stop reminding him of this hilarious incident! Can you blame them?

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