It isn’t easy to be a young parent. When you are just making your own way in the world, it can be daunting to face the prospect of also having to take care of a little one. Embarking on this exciting new journey with a partner is one way of easing the burden of parenthood. You might feel overwhelmed, but at least you can feel overwhelmed together!

The struggle to make ends meet is just one of the challenges a couple with a baby on the way will face. In this economy, it can be difficult to pay for things like rent and utilities not to mention everything that is required to raise a child. For Taryn Keith and her boyfriend Ben, hard work was just the reality they faced as parents to be.

However, you should never underestimate the kindness and the generosity of strangers. Taryn and Ben dreamed of traveling to his native Ireland so she could meet his family and introduce them to their baby one day. They thought that dream was years away, but then a kind stranger changed everything.

Taryn Keith was a waitress who worked in Spring Hill, Texas most of her adult life. She worked non-stop to make ends meet, but she didn’t mind in the slightest. She was surrounded by her family and her friends, and that is what mattered most to her.

TarynTaryn Keith / Facebook

When Taryn met Ben it was just the icing on the cake in her life. The couple immediately fell in love. Ben’s playful demeanor and his penchant for bringing home touching romantic surprises continually warmed Taryn’s heart. She was so happy to have met her soulmate. 
BenTaryn Keith / Facebook

When Taryn and Ben found out that Taryn was pregnant with the couple’s first child they were positively ecstatic. Sure, they knew that having a baby wouldn’t be easy, but they were both very hard workers and relished the idea of starting a family together. UltrasoundTaryn Keith / Facebook

There was just one dark cloud over their happy news: Taryn had never met Ben’s family because Ben is an immigrant from Ireland. The couple worked countless hours at a local restaurant in an effort to save money so that they might one day make the big trip across the pond.

Taryn and BenTaryn Keith / Facebook

One night Ben came home with amazing news. He had spent the evening waiting tables and had gotten chummy with one family in particular. They left and when he went to pick up their receipt they had tipped him $750 on a bill of $122.87! receipt Taryn Keith / Facebook

In addition to this amazing generosity, the family had left a note. It said “Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.” Taryn and Ben were so touched that Taryn shared the news of this kind stranger’s generosity on Facebook. Random acts of kindness are real! PlanePixabay

Who would have thought that just doing your job with a smile would yield such tremendous results? That stranger really changed Taryn and Ben’s lives.

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