Being an adult means learning that love can hurt from time to time. For Emma, a student teacher from Wales in the United Kingdom, that lesson was discovered the hard way.

When she and her boyfriend, Lee, were… ahem… getting intimate one night, they decided to kick things up a notch and introduce a sex toy. One thing led to another, and the sex toy in question seemingly disappeared.

As troubling as that was, the major issue occurred when they discovered where it had gone…

Part of being an adult means learning that love is difficult, and that sometimes it hurts—a lot. For Emma, a student teacher from Wales in the United Kingdom, this lesson was recently discovered in a rather unfortunate manner.

Emma and her boyfriend, Lee, had been getting busy, so to speak, when they decided to make things a little more interesting in the bedroom. After incorporating a new sex toy—a vibrator—Lee was shocked: it had suddenly disappeared! Emma thought that surely he was playing a trick on her.

Soon, however, she realized that he was not joking, and the sex toy had actually become stuck inside her backside. The couple immediately panicked and began looking for a way to get out of the situation, but it became clear that they were going to need some assistance…

“When I leaned on my stomach I could feel it vibrating—it was stuck low down and at one point was even wedged behind my hip,” Emma explained about her unfortunate circumstance during an interview with reporters.

Before heading to the emergency room—and risk embarrassment—Emma and Lee tried to remove the toy with several DIY methods. One of which included a fork handle and barbecue tongs. All of these ideas, unfortunately, yielded no results.

Emma ultimately had to be taken to the hospital—and in an ambulance, at that! When she arrived, doctors worried they’d have to remove part of her bowel, which meant she’d have to live for six months with a colostomy bag.

Thankfully, for her sake, that wasn’t necessary. The doctors did, however, decide that they would have to perform emergency surgery in order to remove the sex toy from Emma’s rear end. Luckily, it wouldn’t be a lengthy procedure.

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In total, the emergency surgery took doctors just about a minute and a half and required only a scope. Finally, they were able to extract the toy from her body and avoid having to give Emma any life-changing surgeries in the process.

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Now, Emma and Lee want to make sure their story is heard by other people who may be too embarrassed to seek help when they’re in similar situations. If they avoided seeking help altogether, something horrible could’ve happened.

After all, you should always remember that, at the end of the day, your overall health is more important than your ego. So don’t ever let it get in the way of getting the care and assistance you need. Chalk this up as a lesson appreciated and learned!

As humorous as Emma and Lee’s situation is to people now, it could have had a much more frightening ending. Luckily, it all worked out!

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