Seeing is believing… unless what you see is unbelievable! By definition, optical illusions are images that differ from their impartial reality. The internet is chock-full of this sort of trickery, thanks to Photoshop and the like.

Sometimes, though, the most popular illusions are those that simply require another perspective—and their secrets are actually hidden in plain sight.

The following illusions may or may not have been staged, but one thing’s for sure: they sure are confusing.

1. Can you tell what’s going on in this photo of a woman sitting on a gym bench? Her feet are pointed in the complete opposite direction from her body. Some say she has fake legs, while others think it’s a mirror trick. What do you think?


This photo surfaced in 2015, and still no one has found the answer!

2. Here’s one that was the subject of a huge debate. The third woman from the left seems to be missing her legs…


Perhaps these comments will help you figure it out…

weird4 weird5

Does this red circle help your eyes see what’s really going on?


Her legs are actually “wearing” the second pair of blue jeans from the left. The friend next to her is wearing black jeans, which are hidden.

3. Notice something strange about this bench? It almost looks like these women are sitting on air.

This bench most likely featured small pull-out seats.

4. Here’s a tricky one: Can you figure out what’s wrong with this image and why it’s circled?


Psst… this isn’t a red circle. It’s just a hula hoop!

5. This looks like your average picture of a girl in bed… but there’s something strange going on. Can you tell?


Look at her fingers. How many do you see?

We can clearly see five fingers, plus a thumb that’s mostly hidden behind the hand. Thankfully, this was most likely done with Photoshop.

6. Try to spot the cell phone in this picture… it’s a toughie!


Here’s a hint: do you see it?
Find the mobile phone on the carpet

Still can’t find it? This might help…

Find the mobile phone on the carpet

The phone is hiding in a similar floral pattern along the inner border. Sneaky!

7. This illusion will definitely trip you up…


Couldn’t find it? Here you go!

1-ipad hidden

This iPad has a cover similar to the seat upholstery!

Aren’t these illusions wild? You probably couldn’t guess that last one! These are pretty difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

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