It takes a few seconds to realize that there’s something’s subtly strange in a picture. But, once you notice what’s “off,” it’s impossible to ignore.

Each of these photos hold a creepy surprise. While some stick out right away, most of them force you to really examine them. Once you’re totally absorbed in the photo — Bam, that’s when it hits you!

1. She just wants to hang out.

crazy-weird-photos-1Reddit / 50sHousewife

2. So disturbing.

crazy-weird-photos-2Reddit / I_Rape_Cats

3. You think this place is empty until you look eyes with them.

crazy-weird-photos-3Reddit / WolfNippleChips

4. Wait, what is happening here?

crazy-weird-photos-4Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

5. I almost didn’t notice her.

crazy-weird-photos-5Reddit / MysteryNinjaCat

6. Do you think they live in there?

crazy-weird-photos-6Imgur / 1DAK1

7. This must have been their “something borrowed.”

crazy-weird-photos-7Reddit / Eristic_Escalation

8. I think they forgot someone…

crazy-weird-photos-8Reddit / s-drop

9. One of these things is not like the other.

crazy-weird-photos-9Reddit / Agentorange4tang

10. Do you see what I see?

crazy-weird-photos-10Reddit / eel_barrow

11. Ghastly.

crazy-weird-photos-11Reddit / NotFeelingVeryCreative

12. Hey, no creepers allowed.

crazy-weird-photos-12Imgur / Tschu12

13. Peek-a-boo. (Emphasis on the “boo.”)

crazy-weird-photos-13Reddit / MiNuggets

14. Never selfie solo.

crazy-weird-photos-14Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

15. They grow up so fast. 

crazy-weird-photos-15Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

16. “Hey, hey, where’s the party? Guys? …Guys?”

crazy-weird-photos-16Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

17. Just look a little longer at this one.

crazy-weird-photos-17Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

18. It’s kind of comforting to know that AT&T’s got your back if things gets weird.

crazy-weird-photos-18Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

19. Sibling jealousy?

crazy-weird-photos-19Imgur / UselessPostsThatMeanNothing

20. She’s not alone up there.

crazy-weird-photos-20Reddit / Obiaruf

21. Meanwhile, at the pool…

crazy-weird-photos-21Reddit / Notsure2505

22. Street magic.

crazy-weird-photos-22Reddit / Chopders

23. It’s a matter of basic anatomy; this just isn’t possible.

crazy-weird-photos-23Imgur / Gobobo

24. As plain as the nose on its face.

crazy-weird-photos-24Reddit / PandaMango

25. Remain calm — this is totally normal, right?

crazy-weird-photos-25Reddit / Hollywood182

Most of these are easily explained, but some of them are going to stick with me for a while. Some things you can’t un-see!

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