The suburbs are typically a great place to live if the time has come to settle down and raise a family. The big city has its charms, sure, but there is no safe place outdoors for kids to run around and play. It just makes sense to move to the ‘burbs!

However, don’t let the picket fences fool you. While the suburbs might seem ideal from a distance, that doesn’t mean that they’re completely free of crime or unsettling mysterious events.

One woman, for instance, moved out of the city because she wanted a safer place to raise her family. She had no idea that, before too long, something unsettling would happen. When you see what it was, you’ll understand why she started regretting the big move…

One woman recently started experiencing something very strange at her suburban home. At first, she thought it was just the kids in her neighborhood playing a trick on her, but as time went by—and it kept happening—she began to suspect that something more sinister was at work…


See, someone was leaving statues of children on the front lawn. The statues on their own weren’t particularly scary to look at, but when they began to appear out of nowhere in this woman’s yard, they started to seem like a bad omen. Do you blame her?

Every morning they were there. And every morning they moved a little bit closer to the house. It was almost as if they were moving in the night when no one could see them. She knew it wasn’t rational and that the statues weren’t alive, but there wasn’t any other explanation… or was there?

The most recent statue appeared right on the front doorstep. Who did these statues belong to, and what did this person want? Was it just a harmless prank, or was someone trying to send this woman and her family a message that was much more sinister than a neighborly hello?

Can you imagine what it would be like to open your door and find this haunting little statue waiting for you when you left the house in the morning? Kids pull pranks, sure—it comes with the territory—but there was something undeniably creepy about this particular goof.


You have to admit that even when they aren’t gradually creeping towards the front door of your house, there are many other statues around the world that can be pretty unsettling. Who knows what they’re doing when we’re not looking?

Take this statue, for example. What the heck is going on here? Why on Earth is that naked man fighting a bunch of babies? This statue from Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway, certainly raises more questions than it answers.

Ellen MacDonald / Flickr

In keeping with the theme of European statues depicting terribly violent things to small children, there’s this statue from Bern, Switzerland, that depicts the mythological Kindlifresserbrunnen, or Child-Eater.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is also home to something sinister: this frightening statue of the mythical Mothman, which, according to legend, haunts a nearby abandoned TNT factory. At least he’s not attacking any young children, though, right?

Billy Liar / Flickr

Despite the fact that there are other creepy statues around the world, just about any statue is infinitely more scary when it’s mysteriously inching towards your home. Who—or what—can be behind these strange happenings?

To this day, the statues still appear, and there’s still no word on who was doing this or whether they were going to stop anytime soon. Fingers crossed it was just a local kid who thought they were being funny… and it wasn’t the work of something more supernatural!

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