Camouflage is one of the most powerful tools that animals can have in their arsenal, whether they’re using it to stalk prey or hide from predators of their own. Even those with the keenest eyesight struggle to find creatures that can perfectly blend into their surroundings.

Take the dangerous and elusive creature in this picture, for example. If you were in the wild and couldn’t find her, you might just face certain death!

Take a look at this picture taken by photographer Inger Vandyke during a 17-day trip in the Himalayas. It was there that he and his team were able to spot a majestic snow leopard, despite how well she was able to hide. Can you find her in this image?


No cheating!

Still having trouble finding her? Here she is!


Most of us would probably be dead meat if we got too close to a snow leopard that was hiding so well. Luckily, we can appreciate how amazing these big cats are from a distance!

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