Wild animals, especially those in urban areas, often rely on the scraps we humans leave behind in order to survive. Many will scavenge for days before they come across something that is actually yummy… like, for instance, cheesy pizza.

So when a crow spotted a squirrel carrying a big, heavenly slice, there was no way he wouldn’t at least attempt to grab a bite.

…or the entire thing. These two did not give up on a challenge, especially one that was covered in cheese.

In this parking lot, a battle was waged between sky and earth. In one corner, the winged warrior: a crow. In the other: a speed-demon squirrel. Only one could walk away with this prized slice of pizza.


Place your bets, because the winner is not who you think…

How hilarious it must have been for the people who filmed this video to witness such an epic pizza battle go down! It seems that these two creatures are hungry for victory.

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