The cure for cancer has eluded scientists and medical professionals for generations. Unfortunately, though, after so many years and lives lost, it’s easy to feel like that it may be just a pipe dream.

There’s no telling when an actual, definitive cure may be found. But thanks to the work of this teenage boy, we may be closer than ever to finding a way to prevent and cure breast cancer!

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, with obesity, alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise all contributing to the risk.

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Breast cancer symptoms include lumps in the breasts; changes in their shape; patches of red, scaly skin; and fluid secreting from the nipples. Pain in one’s bones, yellow skin, and shortness of breath may also be symptoms.

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Like most other illnesses, early detection is key.


Melbourne, Australia’s Think Pink campaign is notable for focusing not just on the illness, but on wellness.

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This guide can help you understand the development of breast cancer.

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Chemotherapy is a common, albeit difficult and painful, way to treat cancer.

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Radiation is also a common treatment method.

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This 16-year-old boy named Krtin Nithiyanandam, however, may have discovered something groundbreaking that can completely change the way that we prevent and treat breast cancer.

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“While most cancers have receptors that bind to drugs, the triple-negative form of breast cancer doesn’t, making drugs ineffective,” he said. “Triple-negative refers to the fact that the cancer lacks the three receptors known to fuel most breast cancers.”


“The treatment is supposed to silence the genes that produce a particular protein that leads this type of cancer to be so aggressive, thereby turning it into a slower-moving and more easily treatable form.”

Research suggests that the B17 vitamin may be the key to preventing cancer. It’s found in apples, apricots, and other fruits that are members of the prunasin family.

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It’s extremely important to note that this information does not necessarily mean that we have found a definitive cure for breast cancer. However, the mere fact that this knowledge may have brought us closer to finding a cure is notable on its own!

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