There’s nothing wrong with being polite, but sometimes niceties can get a little out of hand. It’s not that being considerate is frustrating on its own, but when it becomes a competition to out-polite somebody else, it can get annoying.

Jenn Bouma has first-hand experience with excessive courtesy. When she moved to Minnesota, she noticed that, at least in one very particular way, politeness often goes absurdly overboard!

Everywhere she went, she captured the phenomenon on camera. You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it yourself!

Since Jenn Bouma moved to Minnesota from Illinois, she’s worked a few administrative office jobs, and at each one she’s noticed something very… peculiar happen whenever there are treats at the office.


When someone brings in doughnuts or muffins or cookies, everybody will try them, but as it gets to the end of the batch, nobody will take the last piece!


At her first job in the state, Jenn thought it was just something unique to her coworkers at that office. Then, though, she noticed that it happened everywhere she worked, every single time.


She even noticed that people would divide the last piece in two so they could have some more without being the person to actually finish the food. Eventually, there would be an absurdly small morsel left that nobody touched…


In a case of politeness gone overboard, people in Minnesota seem to so diligently avoid the last bite of food that it often ends up being thrown out!


Bouma posted about the phenomenon online and she found that lots of other Minnesota transplants had noticed the exact same thing. She started the Cursed Last Bites of Minnesota Facebook page, where people can affectionately document the state’s unique courtesy overkill!


Even though the kindness is a little passive aggressive, Bouma and her cohort don’t think most people consciously leave the last bite. Everybody defers to whomever might be hungrier than them!


For all the fun she has pointing out the absurd politeness surrounding office pastries, Bouma says she loves her adopted home state and wouldn’t change a thing about it!


Wow…people in Minnesota are far too considerate. Politeness is no reason to let perfectly good sweets go to waste!

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