There are lots of strange creatures on Earth, but every now and then you encounter something so odd that it defies categorization. Yes, for everything we think we know about this planet, there’s another discovery that boggles even our wildest imaginations.

Recently, one funny-looking beast caused a stir when a photo of it showed up online. Looking at the creature, you can’t quite tell if it’s an amphibian, an underwater creature, or an alien life form.

One thing is for sure, though: it’s definitely adorable!

Earth is full of strange creatures we can’t explain, but almost none are as bizarre as this mysterious little beast, which created quite a stir of excitement and puzzlement when a picture of it was posted on the Internet.

clay-monster1Etsy / Zebest Pottery

This little creature doesn’t look like any animal found on this planet! With its long legs, slimy skin, and pinched eyes and mouth, it appears like a cross between a salamander and some kind of alien.

clay-monster4Etsy / Zebest Pottery

But, as it just so happens, there’s a good reason why this little guy looks so strangely out-of-this-world. You see, it isn’t truly a living creature at all. What it is, however, might be just as cool…

clay-monster2Etsy / Zebest Pottery

This is actually the work of potter Lynae Zebest, who crafted the imaginary creature out of stoneware clay, working entirely by hand to create her vision. Once this talented artist gets an idea in her head, she makes it a reality.

clay-monster3Etsy / Zebest Pottery

Lynae describes it as “a creature from my dreams, sent off into the world to make its way.” She also adds, “In its natural environment, this beast grazes from the tops of purple trees, balancing daintily on two tentacle-like legs to hold the branches steady with its third.” Of course, this isn’t her only creation…

Lynae creates all sorts of other animals that look half-real, half-imaginary. She’s especially attracted to oddly shaped beings that don’t seem to to belong in any particular world, like this little guy. He almost resembles an AT-AT walker from Star Wars, doesn’t he?

clay-monster7Etsy / Zebest Pottery

On her Etsy page, Lynae writes that her creatures “are each unique, personal creations, not meant to be ‘factory standard.’ Their beauty is in their imperfection.” None of her designs are created exactly the same, and that’s what makes them so special.

clay-monster6Etsy / Zebest Pottery

Lynae doesn’t just stop at making small odd creatures; she has a whole plethora of other ceramic work, as well. Here are three small cups with lids that can be used to store spices, loose change, or anything else that fits in them!

Although originally trained as a two-dimensional artist, Lynae has been working with ceramics for years. Not only is her art decorative, but she can actually use all of it in her own home, so she  follows her passion and saves money on dishware!

When it comes to ceramics, there’s really no end to what you can do, and Lynae proves it with every piece of work she creates. She intends to hone her craft every day to keep people interested in what she’s producing, and by the looks of it, it won’t be difficult!

With such a wild imagination, whatever Lynae comes up with next will certainly be just as awesome! See more of her work on her official Etsy page here.

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