The power of nature is never to be underestimated. It is easy to forget just how dangerous natural forces can be until we are confronted with a devastating disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or a tsunami.

When Cyclone Debbie struck Queensland, Australia, she left behind a deadly trail. Towns miles away from the storm itself were left flooded with tens of thousands of residents being evacuated for safety and a number of casualties that remains unknown.

Humans weren’t the only ones harmed by this storm. The day after it passed, people checking out the wreckage it left behind made some pretty grisly discoveries…

In places like Townsville in Queensland, Australia, they know to prepare for natural disasters. However, that doesn’t make the wreckage left behind after Cyclone Debbie any less distressing, according to local journalist Philip Calder. 


Calder was outside after the storm in the town of Ayr, exploring the damage that the storm had caused when he made an upsetting discovery. Calder spotted a dead five-foot-long bull shark in a puddle miles from his ocean home. 

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The authorities believe that the poor shark was probably pulled along by the flood surges created by Cyclone Debbie. This caused the shark to be pulled into shallow waters, making any escape back to the ocean practically impossible. 


Word quickly spread about the shark’s appearance, and several folks braved the still treacherous conditions to catch a glimpse of him. Authorities warned them off, reminding them that the shark’s presence was proof that the rising water was dangerous.


Tragically, the shark was not the only animal casualty recorded during the storm. A badly injured cockatoo was rescued from nearby Daydream Island, but sadly his internal injuries were too severe and his short life ended far too soon in spite of the best efforts of good Samaritans. 


The deaths of these animals are a heartbreaking reminder that nature does not even spare its own. The citizens of Queensland have a lot of cleaning up to do, but in the meantime, they are waiting for the waters to clear so that they can be as safe as possible.

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The moment the cyclone began its rampage was a truly humbling sight to witness…

During natural disasters, animals are not often the first things on our minds, but they experience just as much loss as we do, whether they realize it or not.

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