An important aspect of any relationship is trust. This is especially true when you become parents to young children and you have to work as a team—through thick and thin—to raise your new family the best way you can.

When the wife of Russian photographer Marat Ca had to leave home for two weeks on business, she was worried he wouldn’t be able to properly take care of their seven-year-old daughter all on his own. Nevertheless, he promised everything would be okay and sent her on her way.

Things seemed to be going just great… that is, until Marat started sharing pictures of the mischief that he and his daughter were up to while his wife was away…

Like a lot of parents, Marat Ca’s wife was worried when she had to leave her seven-year-old daughter under the supervision of her husband for two whole weeks while she was away on business. Though the Russian photographer was a great father, his wife was skeptical that they wouldn’t make a mess of the house while she was gone.

Of course, the pair were just fine! To help put her at ease, the wily pair snapped a hilarious series of photos documenting their hijinks along with various signs that read “Mom, everything is fine!” in Russian. These less-than-ideal scenes must have really given Marat’s wife a laugh.


One of her greatest concerns was that her husband, who by all means was a loving and caring father, would not be up to the task of cooking for their daughter. As evidenced in the photograph below, she might just have been right…


Marat’s wife was also concerned that he wouldn’t be much help in getting their daughter ready for school each day. As it turned out, he “slept in”—at least, according to their photo series. It’s not exactly what she was hoping to see take place each morning!


The images, which Marat decided to stage in the most hilarious ways possible, were clearly a ton of fun for their daughter as well. Teasing her mother was harmless, and it made for some quality father-daughter time.


Marat even made it look like he was lounging and watching television while their daughter took care of all of the chores around the house. Any child with a piping hot iron in their hands is cause for concern, so it was a good thing this wasn’t real!



And from the looks of it, Marat was allowing their daughter to write all over the walls! Uh-oh! That would be the last thing you’d want to see after a long trip away on business. What a pain it would be to clean up.


In a complete role reversal, it was the actually the daughter who gave her dad a bath while he played with a rubber ducky. Marat’s wife might have been worried, but after seeing these hilarious pictures, she probably realized there was no reason for concern.


In this photo, Marat and his daughter make silly faces at each other while they eat takeout directly from the container. It’s not exactly the home-cooked meal that Marat’s wife hoped her family would be eating while she was away. Whoops!


In one of the best pictures, Marat made it look like he was sprawled out in his daughter’s bed while she was relegated to a pillow on the floor. To be honest, neither of those two sleeping situations looks very comfortable.


In this photograph, their daughter cooked eggs, while Marat washed his shoes in the sink. Not exactly safe or sanitary practices for the kitchen, huh? Marat’s wife certainly must have gotten a kick out of this one!


To top it off, the two of them played video games and ate lots of junk food—at least, according to their photo series. Sure, it’s any kid’s dream scenario, but let’s just hope Marat’s wife had a good sense of humor about all of this. Something tells us she did!


It turns out that this isn’t the first time that Marat and his daughter have played a funny joke on her. In fact, they do it so often that it only takes him about 30 minutes to set the scene and edit the photos. Suffice it to say, he’s got it down to a science. A mad science, but a science!

They sure got one over on Mom! Even though she said she’d be right home when she saw the photos, we’re sure she probably has the same sense of humor as her goofy husband and daughter. Check out all of Marat’s photos on Instagram.

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