Growing up and starting a family typically comes with a number of tough choices. Whether you need to upgrade from your beloved bachelor pad or trade in your ride for a safer car, adulthood can lead to a lot of sacrifices.

That’s exactly the choice Stephanie Hamren’s father had to make. In order to afford seminary in 1993, he had to do away with some of the things he loved — including giving up his 1936 2D Ford. Twenty-one years later, the Troutville, Virginia man got the surprise of his life.

In 1993, Stephanie Hamren’s father had to say goodbye to his beloved 1936 2D Ford sedan in order to pay for seminary. He never regretted it — he had to do what he had to do — but he always missed the car.


The car had been a large part of his childhood, but sometimes growing up means having to make tough choices. Then, 21 years later, his daughter had an idea.


The car was extremely rare and her dad had restored it when he was just 16. It went on to win multiple awards at car shows.


So Stephanie hatched the plan to find the car, and surprise her father with it.


But she wanted it to be a complete surprise.


“My dad talked about this car for as long as I can remember,” Stephanie wrote on Facebook.


“[He was] always saying he would buy it back if he could find it. Well last year I began the search… it’s been my dream to buy it for him.”


So, she and her mom set out to accomplish their dream.


Eventually, they tracked down the car: it had been in Ringgold, Louisiana for the past 15 years.


“After a few months of finding it and arranging the purchase, we scrambled the money together and brought it home on our secret trip to ‘New Orleans,'” she explained.


Somehow, they managed to keep the plan a total secret.


“Finding the car, getting the money, and getting it halfway across the United States with no problems is truly a blessing from God!” Stephanie said.


Finally, the moment came, and Stephanie was able to surprise her dad.


She even had an appropriate bible verse engraved on his key fob.


But the journey wasn’t over! The family still had a lot of work to do to return the sedan to its former glory.


That’s why this year, the Hamrens started a GoFundMe.


“All extra money has been spent on my mom’s hospitalization this past year,” Stephanie wrote on GoFundMe. “It’s my dream to get this car back on the road for my dad.”


“Many have asked if I had a GoFundMe account because they would like to donate,” she said. “So I figured I would make one. We will see how God uses it.”


Here’s hoping they’re back on the road soon!


What an incredible gift from a loving daughter. It’s always hard when you have to give up one thing you love for another, so it’s amazing that Stephanie’s dad was able to be reunited with his awesome sedan!

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