Although plenty of parents use it, social media is, by and large, a millennial’s game. Staying up-to-date on the latest news and trends is a high priority for young people, and there’s no better place to do that than on the Internet’s social platforms.

So it’s no surprise that many of the posts that become viral sensations come from younger people who are well-versed in shareable content. Occasionally, though, the clever tweet or Facebook post that sends the online community into an excitable frenzy comes from someone’s mother or father, despite the fact that they may not use social media much at all.

Raylin Pellatt is a student at Michigan State University and an avid social media user. Unlike her parents, she knows all about the importance of viral content and the never-ending quest to obtain as many “likes” as possible. That’s why she was in awe when a Facebook post her father sent her immediately picked up momentum online. He rarely ever used social media, but the hilarious message he posted was more than worthy of all the attention it received!

There are over one billion social media users all over the world, and it’s safe to say that many of them are millennials. Keeping in constant contact with friends while staying up-to-date on news and trending content is a high priority for young people nowadays, and there’s no better way to do it than on social platforms.

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This is Michigan State University student Raylin Pellatt. She and her college friends are avid social media users, and like most people who use these platforms on a regular basis, they fully appreciate whenever one of their posts accumulates a lot of “likes” from their networks. But Raylin had no idea just how “viral” she would become—and it was all thanks to one unlikely person.

Raylin’s father, Joe, was not as familiar with social media. So that’s why she was stunned when her father did something so clever online that it sent the entirety of the Internet into a frenzy…

On the day Raylin turned 21, her father decided to post this picture of her on her Facebook account. It was taken when the Pellatts were on a family vacation in Cabo, Mexico. A seal happened to jump aboard the boat they were on, and Raylin managed to snap a hilarious selfie with the ocean animal.

However, when Joe posted the picture, he also included a clever little message along with it. Raylin thought her father’s words were so funny that she decided to share the picture with her Twitter followers. And that’s when the Internet lost its collective mind…

The picture started to pick up momentum immediately. People from all over the world were messaging Raylin and praising her father for delivering such a humorous, but good-natured, jab at his daughter. Raylin couldn’t believe that her father, of all people, went viral.

Joe’s message to his daughter wasn’t the only thing about the Facebook post that had people thoroughly amused. Many of them had similar reactions to the friendly seal that Raylin managed to take the selfie with.

People joked that Joe didn’t pay any mind to his “second” daughter in the picture. Luckily, the comments that Raylin received were kindhearted and friendly. Raylin appreciated every response that was sent her.

After the excitement around Joe’s viral post began to settle, he put up this picture. He figured that, maybe, with the attention Raylin received from his photo, she could get a leg up on her competitors in the job market. Classic dad move!

Raylin will always remember the day her father’s message went viral. It’s very funny that after all of the years she’s spent using social media, it was her father who came through with the post that launched thousands of responses!

Maybe since Joe received so much attention from the online community, he’ll start sharing even more hilarious messages he has for his daughter. Keep up the great work, Joe!

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