Today’s internet just wouldn’t be the same without the advent of Photoshop. Not only does this handy program let us edit and exaggerate photos , but it can also turn something mundane into something absolutely hilarious.

What this father from Norway, Andreas Miezans, does with Photoshop, however, takes it to a whole new level. While Andreas spends his days taking care of his son, Oscar, he decided to have a little fun with their daily adventures together…by Photoshopping his son in ways we’ve never seen before!

Andreas loves spending time with his son, Oscar, but the photos of their adventures together are a bit…exaggerated.


Andreas, who hails from Sweden, now lives in Norway with his new family. His Photoshopped adventures are a delight for his family back home.


According to Andreas, “It just started out as a way of bonding with my son and it’s gone absolutely crazy.”

Judging by these photos, Andreas appears to be a master photographer and photo editor.


“I actually had the idea in my head before Oscar was even born,” said Andreas. “I love taking pictures and I wanted to make something we could look back on and laugh.”


“It started as something fun to show my family and friends on social media.”

“About twice a week, I’ll take my camera out and just try to make the best of whatever situation we are in.”


Oscar seems to be a good sport about the pictures.


Andreas went out of his way to make sure he wasn’t sending his family just another baby picture. “I wanted to try something different to put a smile on Oscar’s face when he looks back at them,” he

How does Andreas feel about being around Oscar so much? “We get 10 weeks of parental leave in Norway, and I have booked another four weeks of vacation,” he said. “It’s great to spend so much time with him.”dad-photoshop-10mamanett

Kristine Wåle, Andreas’ girlfriend, loves the photos of these two

“She can see it’s good for my relationship with Oscar,” Andreas said about his girlfriend.


Andreas and Kristine have a one-year-old-son named Isaac. Maybe he’ll end up in these pictures, too!


Oscar may be too young to appreciate how hilarious these pictures are, but that won’t stop him from loving them when he’s older! What a cutie!

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