Sometimes, it is only in adversity when we can truly grow. Dana Vulin’s story is a testament to this. Her two-year journey from the brink of death back to the land of the living proves that the bumps along the road of life truly shape us.

But before she was on the road to recovery, Dana had to endure the worst circumstances imaginable. She suffered a brutal attack that left her scarred… and something much, much worse.

When Dana Vulin was 28-years-old, she was living the dream. She had friends, family, and a bustling social life. 8-facial-burnsDana Vulin

But all of that changed in an instant.11-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Dana was attacked by a woman named Natalie Dimitrovska, who was angry that Dana was talking to her ex-husband at a party. She crept into Dana’s house while she slept, doused her in alcohol, and set her on fire. Dana could hear Natalie laughing as she left her to die.10-facial-burnsDana Vulin

The attack left her virtually unrecognizable.21-facial-burnsDana Vulin

For over two years, every day was a battle for Dana just to keep living. Over 60% of her body was covered in third-degree burns.7-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Once she had left the hospital, Dana had to wear this mask which covered her entire face, head, and neck to prevent infection and allow her to heal.13-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Behind her mask, Dana struggled to find her identity, which she felt was stripped away from her after the attack.20-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Natalie was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the violent assault.
2-facial-burnsDana Vulin

But Dana’s nightmare wasn’t over. Far from it.
4-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Dana received news that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

14-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Dana wasn’t willing to let anything stop her now. She had worked so hard already.12-facial-burnsDana Vulin

She fought the cancer… and beat it.18-facial-burnsDana Vulin

She recently took off her mask to reveal her face on live Australian television.19-facial-burnsDana Vulin

The audience was shocked to see her unbelievable transformation.1-facial-burnsDana Vulin

These new photos of Dana taken two years after she was attacked show not just a beautiful face, but a brave one.3-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Dana doesn’t want to hide her scars. She says they are an important part of her story. 9-facial-burnsDana Vulin

With every new photograph she shares, Dana isn’t just letting people share in her recovery. She is reminding everyone with her bravery just how strong human beings can be when they are challenged.


Thank you for sharing your story with the world, Dana. You are beautiful inside and out.

She could have let the brutal attack and the cancer defeat her, but she refused to let the darkness win. We can all learn something from this brave warrior.

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