Sometimes, it is only in the face of adversity that we can truly grow. Dana Vulin’s story is a testament to this. Her two-year journey from the brink of death back to the land of the living proves that the bumps along the road of life truly shape us.

As she was just beginning her life as a young woman in the world, Dana endured some of the worst circumstances imaginable. Her inimitable determination to not only survive but to thrive has left the world speechless. She is a living phoenix, with a story that must be heard.

When Dana Vulin was 28-years-old, she was living the dream. She had friends, family, and a bustling social life. But all of that changed in one night when she decided to attend a friend’s party.

8-facial-burnsDana Vulin

 Dana being her usual social self started chatting with a guy at the party. Apparently, this man was the ex-husband of Natalie Dimitrovska who was also at the party, and she didn’t like Dana talking to her ex one bit.

Seething with jealousy and malice, Natalie crept into Dana’s house that night while she slept to do the unthinkable. She doused a sleeping Dana in alcohol and set her on fire. As Dana woke up to a literal hell, she could hear Natalie laughing as she left her to die.

10-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Incredibly, Dana survived being turned into a literal human fireball. Yet, as the attack was intended to end her life, the burns that she suffered left her virtually unrecognizable.

21-facial-burnsDana Vulin

For over two years, every day was a battle for Dana just to keep living. Over 60% of her body was covered in third-degree burns. Beyond the physical anguish of her situation, Dana was obviously emotionally traumatized from the horrific experience.

7-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Once she had left the hospital, Dana had to wear a nylon mask which covered her entire face, head, and neck. This was in order to prevent infection and allow her to heal, but of course, it didn’t bode well for allowing her to lead a normal life.

13-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Behind her mask, Dana struggled to find her identity, which she felt was stripped away from her after the attack. Her mask left her feeling completely alienated, and there was no guarantee her physical recovery would be successful. 

20-facial-burnsDana Vulin

In the meantime, Natalie was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the violent assault. A sentence which hardly seems just after inflicting such trauma and irreparable damage on Dana.

2-facial-burnsDana Vulin

But Dana’s nightmare wasn’t over. Far from it. After everything that she went through, she got some news from her doctors that left her feeling more hopeless and despondent than ever.

4-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Dana was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She could hardly believe that things could get worse. With 60% of her body in remission from 3rd-degree burns, how would she have any residual strength to now fight cancer?

14-facial-burnsDana Vulin

But Dana was tough! She wasn’t willing to let anything stop her now. She had worked hard and overcome so much already. So she adopted a whole new attitude: “Bring it on, cancer, I’m strong as hell.”

And with an attitude like that, nothing stood a chance against Dana. She fought cancer… and she beat it! People who heard about Dana’s story were completely in awe. After everything she had endured, Dana still kept a positive attitude.

18-facial-burnsDana Vulin

Recently, Dana was asked to take off her mask live on Australian television. It had been over two years since the world had seen her face covered in the brutal burns and everyone was anxious to see how her recovery had progressed.

When the mask was finally removed the audience was completely shocked. Dana’s transformation was unbelievable! But her big reveal was more than just stunning, it was extremely emotional.

These new photos of Dana taken two years after she was attacked show not just a beautiful face, but a brave one. Her perseverance was an inspiration to others everywhere, that they too can overcome anything!

Moving forward, Dana says that she doesn’t want to hide her scars. To her, they are an important part of her story. And she even went on to say that they make her feel beautiful by reminding her of her incredible strength.

With every new photograph she shares, Dana isn’t just letting people share in her recovery. She is bravely reminding everyone just how strong human beings can be when they are challenged.

As wonderful and inspiring as Dana’s story is, it also serves as a reminder of the dangerous people in the world. Natalia’s horrific attempt to burn Dana is just one example of the evils out there. And unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as Dana was.

Like many young people these days, Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee first met through the popular dating app Tinder. Only, what would begin as a fun and exciting match would quickly take a sinister turn…

tinder-1Queensland Supreme Court

Warriena was 26 years old and originally from New Zealand, but she was staying in Queensland, Australia, for a few weeks to help prepare for and attend her friend’s wedding. It was toward the end of her stay that she was matched with Gable.

tinder-2Queensland Police

The two began exchanging messages, and before long, things started to heat up. They decided they would meet offline, and Warriena learned that Gable lived very close to the Surfer’s Paradise resort where she was staying.

tinder-3Queensland Police

CCTV footage of Warriena and Gable’s first meeting at the resort’s shopping area showed the pair greeting each other for the first time by exchanging a big hug. They hadn’t met in person before, but it seemed like they were already quite comfortable with each other.

tinder-4Queensland Supreme Court

After their initial rendezvous, they ventured to a nearby bar for a drink. Afterward, the pair headed back to Gable’s place, but what exactly transpired after they arrived at his apartment—and became intimate—remained unclear. Either way, it lead to something horrifying…

tinder-5Queensland Supreme Court

Over the course of the night, Warriena posted a number of selfies with Gable. In the pictures, they appear to be relaxed and having a great time. Only, that good cheer wouldn’t prove to last long.

tinder-6Queensland Supreme Court

At some point during that evening, Warriena texted her sister Marreza, and all seemed well. Five-and-a-half hours later, however, and Warriena was dead. The circumstances immediately pointed toward foul play.

tinder-7Queensland Supreme Court

As it just so happened, Gable made an audio recording of their date as a sort of “insurance,” something he evidently always did in case a dispute occurred on his Tinder dates. The one from his night with Warriena revealed that, at some point after they had sex, the two got into an argument. Gable told Warriena that she wasn’t his “kind of girl,” and he asked her to leave.

tinder-8Queensland Supreme Court

“You are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony,” he threatened in the recording. “You are not going to collect any of your belongings. You are just going to walk out, and I am going to slam the door on you. Do you understand? If you try and pull anything, I’ll knock you out.”

tinder-9Facebook / Gable Tostee

After that, the tape went silent for a lengthy period, but with what prosecutors later claimed were Warriena’s gasps for breath and faint apologies interspersed throughout. They alleged that Gable forcibly detained and was choking his Tinder date to death in those minutes.

tinder-10Facebook / Warriena Wright

Then, something chilling occurred. The tape recorded Warriena saying “No,” over 30 times in a few short minutes—and what sounded like the sliding door to the balcony in Gable’s room opening and closing. Then there was a burst of screaming and Gable cursing to himself.

tinder-11Queensland Police

CCTV footage showed Gable leaving his place and going out for pizza before returning to his apartment. When he saw a massive police presence at his building, he immediately decided not to go inside.

tinder-12Queensland Supreme Court

Around 3 a.m. Gable called his father and asked him to pick him up, saying he might have a little bit of a “situation.” He explained that he “met up with a girl for a date tonight and she started getting really aggressive.”


He told his father that Warriena had gotten drunk and that she started beating him up, so he forced her out onto the balcony and locked her out. Then he claimed that he believed she had jumped off the balcony…

tinder-15PR Image via MailOnline
At Gable’s trial for Warriena’s murder, the prosecuting attorney claimed that Gable may not have actually pushed her off the balcony, but he intimidated her to the point where she thought climbing over the railing was her only means of escape.


An eyewitness by the name of Nick Casey was out on his balcony two floors below Gable’s where he said he heard Warriena say, “I want to go home,” and cry for help. A moment later, he saw her fall to her death.


“She fell straight past where I was standing on the balcony, and ricocheted off a few balconies below us and kept going to the ground,” he testified. Another witness, Emily Ellis, corroborated his account and said she saw Warriena dangling off Gable’s balcony trying to escape.


After both sides rested their case, a jury of six women and six men went to deliberate. The process was grueling, but after three days they returned with a verdict. Gable Tostee was found not guilty on charges of murder and manslaughter and walked from the courtroom a free man.

tinder-21Youtube / 7News