From an early age, we’re taught to take our doctor’s advice. But, while physicians are trained professionals, they’re also human, and all humans make mistakes.

Ruslan Odonec, a father from Ukraine, recently discovered this after his daughter drowned in the family pool and doctors told him that she wasn’t going to survive. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Ruslan and his wife Anastasia were having a huge get together on New Year’s Eve with their friends, children, and parents. Their home was large enough to fit lots of people and they even had an indoor pool.


As the night went on, their 5-year-old Radomir and 3-year-old Alesya were off playing with an older cousin when Ruslan noticed the home became much quieter than usual. Alesya tended to be the loudest of their children, yet she wasn’t causing any commotion.


Ruslan began going from room to room in their home to see if he could find out why Alesya wasn’t making any noise. When he got to the basement he made a startling discovery — Alesya’s lifeless body was floating at the bottom of the family swimming pool.


Ruslan jumped into the pool and pulled Alesya’s body from the water, but she wasn’t breathing. He put her on the floor while the child’s grandparents called 911. In the meantime, Ruslan attempted to perform CPR on his daughter. 


Anastasia was understandably horrified when she came downstairs to the scene of her husband performing CPR on their young daughter, and she passed out immediately.

10 long minutes later, the paramedics arrived and began trying to revive the child. Not long after, they had declared the young girl dead. Ruslan was unwilling to accept this information. He bent over and began attempting to resuscitate his daughter again. The doctor on hand told him to “stop torturing the dead body.” 


Miraculously, the little girl began breathing moments later. It had been 40 minutes. Paramedics rushed Alesya to a nearby hospital, as she had since slipped into a coma. Doctors and specialists spent the next several days treating the young girl. All Ruslan and Anastasia could do was pray that their daughter would pull through. Out of the blue, Alesya’s condition stabilized. Afterwards, she was brought to another hospital in Moscow to continue treatment. 


Two weeks later, Alesya woke up, but she was unable to speak, see, or move. Throughout the next few weeks, Alesya continued to get better and was able to see and take small steps.


Several months later, Alesya had made a full recovery. Once the media got ahold of the story, Ruslan became a national hero. When asked about Alesya’s condition, he was happy to report that she is doing fantastic!


Wow, Ruslan is truly a hero. Thank goodness this worked out for their family.

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