Death is an inevitable part of life, and learning to cope with that fact will help us when someone we dearly love passes away. There’s a certain peacefulness in its permanence, though it might be difficult to see when we’re going through it.

Not everyone who dies, however, stays that way. There have been a number of instances where someone was officially announced deceased, but then they miraculously came back to life. Call it a modern miracle of science, but these strange stories will make a believer out of you.

Here are 25 people who, at one point, were declared dead, but then they amazingly returned to life!

1. Daphne Banks: In 1996, a British woman named Daphne Banks was being prepared for a post-mortem exam when one of her friends, who happened to be on staff at the morgue, noticed her chest rising and falling slightly. As it turned out, Daphne was actually still alive! Her friend noticed her breathing just minutes before she was placed into the refrigerator.

2. Zack Clements: An athletic Texas high-schooler named Zack Clements collapsed on a track after going for a run. Emergency workers were lucky enough to bring him back to life, but it was his description of death that was the most interesting part. He apparently came in contact with a large hairy man who told him everything would be okay.

3. Erica Nigrelli: A middle school English teacher named Erica was 36 weeks pregnant when she collapsed in the middle of her classroom one afternoon. The doctors told her husband she delivered their baby post-mortem, but miraculously, only minutes after the baby arrived, Erica’s heart started beating again.

4. Tony Yahle: Tony Yahle was a resident of West Carrollton, Ohio, and he suffered an accident that stopped his heart for 45 minutes before it started up again. The cardiologist at the time said he had never seen anything like it in his 20 years of work.

5. Tony Cicoria: Tony Cicoria was a surgeon who lived in upstate New York. One stormy day, he was struck by lightning and died. He was brought back to life by hospital workers shortly after, and he now writes and composes music, even though he had little interest in it before the accident.

6. Rosa Celestrino de Assis: A dead woman named Rosa Celestrino de Assis was resting in a morgue as her daughter was saying her final farewell. When her daughter hugged Rosa’s body, however, she had a strange feeling she was still alive. Doctors checked, and they realized she was!

7. Carlos Camejo: Venezuela native Carlos Camejo got into a car accident at age 33 and died. However, when morgue workers were about to perform an autopsy, they noticed one of his cuts was bleeding. As they were stitching it back up, Carlos woke up.

8. Guo Liu: Guo Liu was a heavy smoker his entire life, so his family wasn’t completely shocked when he collapsed to the ground one day and had to be taken to the hospital. Doctors declared him dead, but just before the family was about to bury him, they heard coughing sounds coming from inside his coffin. When they lifted the lid, they realized Guo was alive!

9. MaNdlo: A prostitute named MaNdlo who worked in Bulowayo, Zimbabwe, died one night in a hotel. When police came to remove her corpse from the building, she sprang up and screamed at them, “You want to kill me!” No one is quite sure exactly what happened or why she screamed that phrase.

10. Kelvin Santos: A two-year-old Brazilian child named Kelvin Santos died of pneumonia, and his family held a wake in his honor. During the ceremony, Kelvin apparently woke up and asked his dad for a glass of water, and then he returned lying down. He was yet again pronounced dead, but this time, it was for good.

11. Brighton Dama Zanthe: Brighton Dama Zanthe lived in Zimbabwe and he passed away after suffering from a chronic illness. During his wake, someone noticed he was still moving. Terrified he was a ghost, many people ran away, but it turned out he just hadn’t died.

12. Val Thomas: Val Thomas lived in West Virginia, and he was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital for multiple heart attacks. He remained unconscious for 17 hours before sitting upright as if nothing happened!

13. “Did I vote?”: In 2012, a registered nurse named Ty Houston was voting at the Michigan ballots when he heard an elderly woman screaming. The woman’s husband was lying unresponsive on the ground, so Ty began CPR. The elderly man eventually came to and asked, “Did I vote?”

14. Anne Green: In 1650, a woman named Anne Green was found guilty of murdering one of her children. She was sentenced to death by hanging, but when doctors were examining her body hours after the execution, they realized she hadn’t died. People were so impressed that they actually allowed her to live.

15. Morgue ghost: A South African morgue owner named Ayanda Maqolo reported to police that one of the bodies in his Johannesburg morgue started screaming one night. Police showed up and realized it was an 80-year-old man who wasn’t yet deceased.

16. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov: This is a very bizarre case. A 49-year-old Russian woman suddenly sat upright at her own funeral following massive cardiac arrest. She was so terrified at the entire ordeal that she shrieked, had another heart attack, and died yet again.

17. Walter Williams: Walter Williams was a 78-year-old man who lived in Mississippi. After he “died,” a nurse was placing his corpse into a body bag when she noticed his feet appeared to be kicking. Sure enough, he was still alive!

18. Alvaro Garza Jr.: In 1987, this 11-year-old boy was playing on the frozen Red River between Montana and North Dakota. The ice suddenly broke and he fell through. He spent 45 whole minutes in the frigid river water before rescuers found his body. Amazingly, doctors brought him back to life with virtually no brain damage.

19. Li Xiufeng: Ninety-five-year-old Li Xiufeng was found dead in her apartment by her neighbors one afternoon. Her body was placed in a coffin to prepare for her wake. A few days later, however, her neighbors realized she had climbed out of her coffin and was cooking in her kitchen!

20. Marjorie McCall: This story is an old Irish wive’s tale, but it’s still a good one. According to the story, after Marjorie McCall was buried by her husband, two grave robbers tried to dig up her body to steal some expensive rings she was wearing. As they began cutting off her finger, she woke up and screamed, and the robbers fled the scene.

21. Luz Milagro Veron: Analia Bouter and her husband were sent home with a death certificate after the birth of their fifth child. She was stillborn, but 12 hours later when the parents went to see the baby’s body in the morgue, she started crying suddenly! They named the baby “Luz Milagro,” which means “light miracle” in Spanish.

22. Lyudmila Steblitskaya: When Lyudmila Steblitskaya passed away, her daughter had the body placed in a morgue so she could make funeral preparations. Apparently, Lyudmila woke up while she was in the morgue, and doctors released her. She even died a year later and came back once again.

23. The Yemeni Miracle: A 65-year-old man from Yemen was in the middle of being buried when he woke up, terrifying the crowd around him. He was almost entirely covered in dirt when it happened! It was a super close call…

24. Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi: Hamdi was a 28-year-old waiter from Egypt who dropped dead from a heart attack. While a doctor was writing his death certificate, he noticed Hamdi had a pulse! The young man’s mother fainted when she heard the good news.

25. Justin Smith: In 2015, Justin Smith was walking home in the middle of a freezing winter night in Pennsylvania when he fell and hit his head. The next day, his father found him lying motionless in a snow bank. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and doctors were luckily able to resuscitate him!

These stories are incredible. Who knows why these people were able to spring back to life, but it’s a miracle they did!

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