Like many people who grow up in Jerusalem, Isareali artist Sigalit Landau and her family had always been captivated by the Dead Sea and it’s mysterious and magical capabilities.

Though, they often took trips there, it wasn’t until she submerged a Victorian-era gown in the famous body of water that she truly revealed its power and beauty.

After three full months of documenting what happened to the dress, Sigalit finally pulled it to the surface. The results? Absolutely stunning…

Bewitched by the famously salty body of water, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau had an incredible idea: submerge a Victorian-era gown in the Dead Sea and photograph the transformation.


So over the course of three months in 2014, that’s exactly what she did. The photo series she created would eventually be titled Salt Bride, and it’s easy to see why.


The salt quickly began to cling to the garment, turning the once-black dress to crystal. In Sigalit’s words, the dress began to look “like snow, like sugar, like death’s embrace.”


For inspiration, she looked to S. Ansky’s 1916 play, The Dybbuk, which tells the story of a young hasidic woman who is possessed by a former lover, whilst engaged to a wealthy man.


The salt symbolizes the supernatural force from beyond, overtaking the black dress, and turning it into a beautiful white wedding gown worthy of display in a museum.


The photo series, which is expected to draw large crowds, is on display at the Marlborough Contemporary in London, England until September. People are calling it a must see.


Still, even photographs have trouble capturing just how much the Dead Sea transformed the dress. You would have to look at the actual dress with your own two eyes to fully appreciate what had happened to it.


The extent of the transformation that it had undergone while submerged in the Dead Sea was only truly revealed when it was finally removed from the water for everyone to see up close. It was truly breathtaking…


Behold… the amazing Dead Sea dress in all its beauty. Isn’t that just incredible to think that this happened simply by way of submerging it in the water for a prolonged period of time?


It’s simply stunning. It almost doesn’t even appear to be real. It’s as if someone carved the dress out of marble or even made a gigantic wax replica of the original. What a truly beautiful project!


What a remarkable project and idea. The results are somehow haunting and gorgeous all at once. Job well done!

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