The supermarket is the last place you’d expect anything exciting to happen. Aside from running into someone you know or learning about a killer sale on Fruit Loops, it’s one of the least exciting places you might visit in your day-to-day life.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course. People all over the world can probably rattle off some crazy stories that took place inside their local Trader Joe’s.

But what security cameras caught at one Chinese supermarket blows even these crazy grocery store tales out of the water…

The supermarket might top out your Saturday morning to-do list, but you won’t find a trip on anyone’s bucket list. That’s because outside of a well-stacked soda display, you aren’t likely to see much of anything worthwhile on your weekly trip.

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Of course, there are a handful of exceptions to the rule. From marriage proposals to thwarted robberies, the grocery store might offer something to tell your friends about every once in a blue moon…

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Such was the case in this Chinese supermarket not too long ago, when something so strange and gut-churning occurred that it’s sure to leave you looking over your shoulder the next time you go food shopping…

It all started when an object fell off of the shelf. Notice the woman didn’t walk anywhere near it—she didn’t brush the box with an arm or a swinging purse. Regardless, she turned around to place the item back where it belonged. After that, things got weird…

As the woman placed the item back on the shelf, her entire body locked up. Then she began convulsing and she dropped everything she was carrying. What happened? Was she sick? Was she having a seizure?

The woman fell to her knees and a good Samaritan came by to try and soothe her. That’s when the most terrifying thing of all happened: the collapsed woman let out a blood-curdling scream that could be heard throughout the entire supermarket.

More folks gathered around her, as she continued to convulse and make strange choking noises from the tile floor. Again, she let out a scream, this one so powerful and shocking that it knocked over a passersby who had come to check on her.

Then, for a moment, the situation finally seemed at peace. A man in black managed to calm the woman, and two bystanders secured her arms. But what was the explanation for this? What happened? Well…

Local insisted that the woman was possessed by a demon. They claimed the man in black exorcised the demon—whether intentionally or by luck—which then exploded from the woman’s body, disrupting the cameras and blowing back shelving.

What do you think? Was this an elaborate hoax? A trick of special effects? Or did this woman truly succumb to a demon’s possession while walking through the supermarket? You can watch the terrifying experience unfold in its entirety below and then decide for yourself!

Hopefully supermarket possessions don’t become a regular thing! But this video might be the perfect argument for grocery shopping online. Will you be looking over your shoulder the next time you try to pick up some milk?

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