While you might not think about it, everything you use on a daily basis has been designed by another person. From your light switches to your fire alarm, a designer had to sit down and plan out exactly how it would work.

Most designers do their jobs so well that you wouldn’t even notice their work. Others, well… they may need a little bit more practice before they can consider themselves true professionals. That’s okay! It takes time to master a skill.

These 22 designers are definitely still getting their bearings—with hilarious results! Check out these hilarious design mistakes that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

1. You know how when you’re nervous before a public speaking event and people always tell you to picture everyone naked? Well, this room takes that idea a step further… and also totally reverses it. Do it like nobody’s watching!


2. How badly do you have to hate a pair of windows to forcibly shove two entirely new ones into the old frames without actually getting rid of the old architecture? This one is like a visual traffic jam… and you know one of the drivers is uninsured.


3. It is pretty common in urban areas to find paths on roadways designed specifically for bicyclists. This particular bike path is less of a help and more a direct challenge to any passing cyclist. “You must have very little fear of death to ride.”


4. In fairness to whomever is responsible for this sign, if they’d just displayed one, the message would have been pretty clear. Sadly, because they did not, the overall effect is one of total nonsense, and that is not going to help bring in any customers.


5. If you want to settle for a deck that looks like this, that’s just fine. Just make sure that you don’t invite any detail-oriented people over to your house for a barbecue, because this could very well break their brains forever and ever.


6. This is one electrician who is either terrible at his job or potentially a borderline evil genius. You can just bet that even though this sign is prominently placed, at least one person flicks off the switch every day just by accident!


7. How terrified would you be if you stumbled across this sign? Sure, after a couple of read-throughs it becomes clear that they just want dogs on leashes and their poo scooped up, but at the beginning it sounds more like the concept for a terrible horror movie.


8. Two things you never want linked, even mentally are farts and fashion. Is there a time and a place to talk about the gas that is passed? Very much so. However, that time is absolutely not when you are shopping for a little black dress to wear on your next hot date.


9. The Internet has made it easier than ever before to get your message out there, especially when it comes to posting help-wanted ads. However, some people are still just getting the hang of it… like whoever thought that posting this ad made any sort of sense at all.


10. This little rug is sharing a seriously positive message. Unfortunately, that positive message is transformed into a totally negative one thanks to poor color choices by the designer. Unless, that is, they did this on purpose.


11. In theory, this is a brilliant idea. After all, who wouldn’t want a brightly colored flamingo floating beside them, ice cold drinks at the ready? In practice, however, it would seem that this particular bird is actually terrible at holding his liquor.


12. Guess what is very dangerous? Reading a screen while you are driving a car. That’s why there are laws against it and why everyone is supposed to put their phones away before they start their engine. This warning is either poorly designed or a secret death trap.


13. While gender is just a construct, it’s hard not to wonder what was going through the person’s head who hung these signs above all these urinals. Chances are not even one man reading the ads is “thinking about becoming a mum.” He is likely just thinking about peeing.


14. This is a photograph included with an ad for a selfie stick. Selfie sticks are primarily used… to take selfies. Hence the name. Clearly the person responsible for this ad didn’t get that memo. Is it a way to show the subjects of the photo while also showing the product? Sure. Unfortunately, that just isn’t what a selfie stick is for!


15. While Batman probably has nothing against the Power Rangers, he wouldn’t be very keen on having his brand sullied like this. That said, you’ve got to give it up to the Bat: he is definitely pulling off that green costume.


16. It’s important to make sure that you keep your garbage and compost in a place where animals can’t get into it and make a total mess. Putting a locked door in place like this one is a great idea… only you might want to make sure you include a fence to go with it.


17. It is always nice for parents when restaurants offer children’s menus. It’s a great way to make life easier for the parents of a particularly picky eater. That said, just labeling the menu itself as for kids is plenty. You don’t want to evoke thoughts of cannibalism!


18. This restaurant couldn’t understand why its patrons were dining and dashing so often until they found this sign. A word to the wise: if you want people to do something, make sure the sign telling them to do that thing could not also be read backwards as telling them to do the exact opposite.


19. Sharing is caring, but this container of prepared watermelon takes things a step further. It suggests that you share your fruit even while letting you know that it only contains enough for just one person to enjoy fully. Helpful.


20. This list of choices to pick from is all well and good… unless you happen to be between the ages of 30 and 35. In which case, apparently, this questionnaire is 100% not for you. Please enjoy your existential crisis, says the management.


21. This one isn’t exactly a case of a designer getting it wrong so much as it is a case of a user’s friend just plain ol’ not having enough letters in it to make it a viable security question answer. That doesn’t make it any less funny, though!design-fail-21

22. Who doesn’t love a great sale? Saving money on the stuff that you need is always nice. That said, this sale seems like less of a bargain and more like a scam. If you’re buying three things, shouldn’t you be getting… three things, and not two? Oy.


These designers might have had the best intentions, but it’s clear that their finished product fell totally short of the mark… with hilarious consequences. These are just too funny!

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