The creative folks at the Richard Clarkson Studio have created the closest thing to having a real cloud in your living room. Simply called “Cloud”, this interactive lamp and speaker system brings the sounds and sights of a thunder cloud to your home, while you stay completely dry. This smart fixture uses motion sensors to detects your presence and creates an impressive light and sound show that responds to your movement. It’s like having your own personal cloud on a leash.

This genius cloud lamp is equipped with full motion sensors, microphones, and a powerful speaker system.

The Cloud, made from felted hypoallergenic fiberfill, features alternate nightlight and music reactive modes.

Inside is a speaker, controlled by wireless remote.

The remote control lets you set the Cloud to respond to sounds or movements around it.

You can purchase one for yourself…

If you don’t mind spending $3,360!

Or you can get the non-interactive cloud lamps, coming in at a mere $960.

Seriously, we really want one.

Check out the Cloud in action in this video:

Time to start saving up for one of these… I wonder if they accept bitcoin.

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