The ancient Egyptians were a fascinating group of people. Although we don’t have any actual footage of what life was like when their society was thriving, we have artifacts and paintings to help us get an accurate picture.

One of the best ways to get an idea of what their culture was like is to examine some of the great structural marvels they’ve built. They were known for massive architectural achievements, such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. Whenever scientists come across a new ancient find, it can give us a deeper understanding of their lives.

Recently, a group of German and Egyptian archeologists found something incredible underneath a slum in Cairo, Egypt. It was over 3,000 years old, and perhaps one of the most important discoveries ever made.

Recently, a group of archeologists made an incredible discovery underneath the slums of Cairo, Egypt. It had the potential to be one of the most important discoveries ever made.

3000-year-old-statue-discovered-pharaoh-ramses-II-Cairo-4Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Rueter

They were shocked to find it buried for so long beneath an unsuspecting place. It was about 3,000 years old, and much of it was in decent condition!

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The statue measured eight meters long and was made of quartzite. Researchers found it buried deep in groundwater. What exactly was it?

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 The statue was believed to be a depiction of one of Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs, Ramses II. Ramses was well-respected and a successful military leader as well.

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Also found along with the huge statue was a smaller one, thought to represent Pharaoh Set II, Ramses grandson. Pieces of an obelisk were also found at the site.

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The excavation process was long and arduous, but the payoff was well worth the wait. These were artifacts that could give experts important insights to ancient Egypt.

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There was a reason that these items were found in this seemingly random location. Ramses II believed that world was created in Heliopolis, which was now known as Matariya, the area where the statues were found.

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Matariya is supposedly the site where the Egyptian sun temples were located. These temples were built by the Egyptian people by hand to honor the sun god Ra.

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A team of German and Egyptian archeologists made this incredible discovery. The items are currently being restored to be put on display at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, set to open in 2018.

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Residents were just as excited about the find as the scientists. They snapped plenty of pictures so they’d have a record of such an amazing day!

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Researchers hope that this discovery will help reinvigorate the country’s tourism industry, which has quickly been deteriorating due to the high level of terrorist activity in surrounding areas.

3000-year-old-statue-discovered-pharaoh-ramses-II-Cairo-10Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Rueter

Watch what the archaeologists pull out of the water first. You won’t believe your eyes!

It’s amazing that such a special part of history was unearthed after all these years.

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