Not only does sifting through a relative’s old belongings offer a great opportunity to learn about their past, but it allows us to uncover hidden secrets, too.

After his great uncle passed away recently, Imgur user 70becks was tasked with cleaning out his relative’s home. When he reached the basement, though, he uncovered something mysterious: a safe of unknown origins.

Even more: once he’d cracked it open, he found that it contained the treasure of a lifetime…

It’s always fascinating to learn about history, especially as it pertains to your own family. A great way to do this is by skimming through old photos, or even talking to older living relatives who knew the person well.

Sometimes, as was the case with Imgur user 70becks, older relatives have secrets that no one else ever knew about. These sort of mysteries do have a way of revealing themselves over time, though.

When 70becks was tasked with cleaning out his recently deceased great uncle’s home, he wasn’t prepared for what he’d find there. While the home was full of old, forgotten memories, the large safe in the basement presented the biggest mystery of all. And when he opened it, he found the treasure of a lifetime!

When 70becks found the large safe, he knew he had to get inside, but he didn’t have the combination. Still hoping to unlock it somehow, he decided to build a makeshift ramp so he could bring the heavy object, which he estimated weighed as much as 1,000 pounds, upstairs.

Still, even with his father lending a helping hand, the prospective safe-cracker needed a skid loader to carry the burdensome safe upstairs. Once they had the heavy machinery ready, they prepared to move the peculiar item.

After some serious finessing—and several failed attempts—the two men managed to haul the safe up the makeshift ramp. Once upstairs, 70becks and his father couldn’t wait to see what was inside…

To be on the safe side, the men contacted the original manufacturer, who was able to provide them with the combo-lock information. Combination in hand, the two men were finally able to unlock the safe!

Much to their chagrin, there wasn’t anything inside of the jewelry compartment of the safe. There were, however, several documents. 70becks and his father quickly began sifting through them, hoping to uncover something of value.

Most of the papers pertained to life insurance and various charities, and there was even an expired last will and testament. But then something among the dozens of seemingly innocuous documents caught their eye. What was it?

As they unfolded the mysterious sheet of paper, 70becks realized what he’d found: two Walt Disney Company stock certificates, amounting to 90 shares! Not only that, but at Disney’s current stock price, they were estimated as being worth between $3,000 and $10,000!

What an incredible discovery. You truly never know just what you’ll uncover in a relative’s home.

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