A lot of professional collectors are on the lookout for items that are guaranteed to become more profitable over time, like coins, stamps, and baseball cards. But sometimes, the most valuable objects aren’t exactly what you’d expect.

After all, collecting is often based around supply and demand. For instance, something that was once abundant and valueless could soon become rare and valuable!

As it turns out, some popular items from your childhood could now be worth thousands. Better yet, one of them might just be sitting in your TV cabinet right now…

Once upon a time, a generation of kids would spend hours every weekend plopped in front of a TV watching their favorite films on VHS. While no one would have guessed it at the time, those old tapes would gain a certain charm as they aged.

Specifically, most kids growing up in the 1980s and ’90s began to cherish their VHS copies of animated Disney movies like Aladdin and Bambi. Over the years, Disney manufactured several special and limited editions of their classic movies in an attempt to turn them into collectible items.


Now, decades later, you’ll see that many of these tapes are, indeed, collectible. Few of us would guess just how valuable, however. For example, the most valuable Disney VHS is this edition of Beauty and the Beast. But you’ll never guess how much it’s worth…

Believe it or not, but that version of Beauty and the Beast can sell for almost $9,000 on eBay! Before you run out on a shopping spree, though, know that not every VHS is worth that much money. Collectors look for certain versions of the tapes containing specific profitable details.


For instance, if the packaging features a black diamond on the spine that reads “The Classics,” the VHS was part of a limited-edition run. The diamond may also be printed on the tape itself. Copies with these markings could be worth anywhere between $50 and $250. That’s a lot of money for something that you or your family may have once taken for granted!


An even earlier (and thus more valuable) version of this special edition marking is the famous Walt Disney logo. A VHS bearing the phrase “A Walt Disney Classic” printed directly onto the tape itself could be valued into the thousands. 


Rare or discontinued content can also make a tape more valuable. The artwork on the cover of this version of The Little Mermaid was later banned after its initial release, making this tape worth over $6,000.

Another example of a highly sought-after version is an early edition of Beauty and the Beast containing the song “Human Again,” which was cut from later releases. Considering the fact that the scene would be lost otherwise, it’s easy to see why it’s so valuable.


Of course, in order to maximize the value of the tape, it’s important that it be in mint condition. Keeping the VHS in its original packaging also makes it more profitable. After all, the whole thing is a piece of history!

It’s really amazing that something that so many kids owned and watched all the time can now help them make an actual profit. And to think that so many parents used to tell their kids that they wouldn’t get anything out of watching TV!

If you have any of these old VHS tapes lying around, you’re definitely going to want to take a closer look. They might be worth some major cash!

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