The ocean floor is a fascinating place. It’s filled with exotic marine life and colorful formations of rock and coral. At least that’s what this group of scuba divers thought they were seeing as they ventured into the waters off the coast of Australia.

But when they got closer, they realized something totally horrifying: It was no coral formation. And it was moving!

This writhing, spiky mass is actually an entire pyramid of spider crabs! The crabs pack themselves together so tightly as part of their migration and molting process.


Said one of the divers: “The behavior I observed was really just a lot of climbing and a few scuffles as crabs got in each other’s faces.” 


Check out this incredibly rare sight!

Even though doing this might be a natural biological process for these crabs, watching this spiny, creepy-crawly pile of them makes me never want to go in the ocean again.

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