The ocean floor is a truly rich and fascinating place. It’s filled with exotic marine life and countless colorful formations of rock and coral.

At least that’s what this group of scuba divers thought they would be seeing as they ventured into the waters off the coast of Australia. But when they got down there, they discovered something totally horrifying.

First off, this was no coral formation. Not only that, but it was moving! What followed was a startling discovery that proves how unpredictable the ocean can be…

It’s no secret that the ocean is full of wonder and mystery. It covers more two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, after all. With so much of it unexplored, the possibilities for scientific breakthroughs are practically endless.

There’s no telling what’s left to be discovered below the ocean’s surface. Yet there are plenty of amazing sea creatures and sights that have already been found that most folks just don’t know about yet because they’re so rare.

Besides, whenever you’re in a place that’s unfamiliar to you, as is usually the case when venturing into the ocean’s depths, all is not always as it seems. What may look familiar at first glance can turn out to be completely different…

When a team of scuba divers ventured into the ocean near Melbourne, Australia, they fully expected that they’d see some pretty special things. What they found, though, was beyond their wildest imaginations…


When they approached a strange lump ahead of them, they realized that it was no plant, coral, or anything else that they could have expected. It wasn’t a living thing, either… in fact, it was several thousand living beings, all clumped together!


You have to give credit to those scuba divers for being brave enough to get so close to the strange mass. Most people probably would have swam away as fast as they possibly could after seeing these icky undersea critters! So, what were they?


This writhing, spiky mass of alien-looking lifeforms was actually an entire pyramid made out of spider crabs! Evidently, the crabs pack themselves together tightly as part of their unique migration and molting process.


Said one of the divers: “The behavior I observed was really just a lot of climbing and a few scuffles as crabs got in each other’s faces.” That certainly sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Yet, for these crabs, it’s a way of life.


You’re definitely not going to want to miss checking out this incredibly rare sight for yourself! It’s really a sight to behold—not to mention a great example of the kind of surprises that Mother Nature has in store sometimes.


As amazing and natural as this spider crab pyramid might’ve been, we won’t blame you for wanting to steer clear of them the next time you go scuba diving. Crabs are pretty cool, but they still give some people goosebumps!

Even though this might be a natural biological process for these crabs, watching this spiny, creepy-crawly pile of them might make you never want to go in the ocean again.

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