Flies are a nuisance at best, and at worst, they’re a health problem. They’re fast, sneaky little devils that are hard to catch, and when you do swat one, it seems like five more appear in its place.

Luckily, you don’t have to hire an expensive exterminator to get rid of those pesky flies. You can actually get rid of the problem without ever leaving your kitchen!

Here’s how.

All you need is a pair of scissors, a knife, a water bottle, some sugar, and a banana.


Cut the bottle in half like this.


Make sure that the water bottle bottom is completely covered in sugar.


Chop a banana into several pieces.


Put the banana pieces into the water bottle.


Pour water into the mixture until the banana pieces and sugar are completely covered, then stir the mixture with a knife until they’re completely combined.


Turn the top half upside-down after removing the cap and place it inside the other half of the bottle.


You’ll be shocked by how well this works once you set this clever trap!


It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s better than having a bunch of flies buzzing around, right?


I had no idea I could be making this all along. Goodbye, flies. Nice knowing you!

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