It’s officially summer, and that means your children are on summer break—yay! This also means they’ll need to find different ways to fight boredom, and when it comes to kids, it’s important to keep them busy (and out of your hair).

What better way to stay productive during those long summer days then to do a fun DIY craft? It’s really the perfect way to incorporate fun and inspire creativity in your kids.

If that sounds like fun, then boy have we got the perfect craft for you! Take a look…

For a fun, kid-friendly summer craft, you can’t go wrong with a DIY egg candle! To begin, you’re going to need a few basics, including raw eggs, crayons, unscented tapered candles, and modeling clay. Hooked yet? You will be! For the first step, take a fine pointed knife or nail and position it at one end of the egg.


Carefully poke a hole at the top. You’ll need to make a hole at either end of each egg. The first one will be slightly larger than the second, and you’ll have to be very careful not to crack the shell! Just take your time; it’s important to keep the egg in as pristine shape as possible.


Now, pour the contents of the egg into a large bowl. The easiest way to accomplish this step is to let the yolk and egg whites exit through the larger hole. Then, set each shell aside in a safe place to use later in the process.


For the next step, gather all of your tapered candles and melt them in a large pot on your stove. You can use a pair of wooden chopsticks or non-plastic utensils to stir them as they melt down into wax.


Next, remove all of the wicks from the melted wax. Be sure to use tweezers or chopsticks; you definitely don’t want to burn your hands and fingers! Once the wicks are removed, use a cloth to dry them and fully straighten them out so they dry as straight as possible. You’ll need them later!


Once the wicks are completely dry, carefully thread each one through the top and bottom holes of your egg shells. Take it slow during this step, because the shells are delicate and you don’t want them to crack! The inside of the hollow eggs should be dried out by now, too.


With just a short portion of the wick still sticking through the bottom of the egg shell hole, you’ll want to patch it using a small amount of modeling clay. Then, seal it as best as you possibly can. You can clip the excess wick later.


Now that you’ve finished sealing one end, set the eggshell aside and grab your crayons. Choose your favorite color! Using a knife (parents, you might want to step in for this part), shave pieces of the crayon into the pot of melted wax and continue to stir. The amount of crayon will determine the how light or dark the finished candle will be.


For your next step, you’ll want to transfer the newly colored and melted wax into a paper cup. Then, taking your empty egg shell in one hand, slowly pour the contents of the cup into the egg to the brim. Finally, let it fully cool.


After your egg has fully cooled, you can begin to peel back the shell. Try to do this step as gently as possible, as you don’t want to nick the wax and cause permanent dents. Behold: the beautiful DIY egg candle you’ve just created! That’s not the last step, though…


The best part about this DIY egg candle project is that you can even decorate them any way your heart desires! This is your time to show off your creativity. There really isn’t any end to the possibilities!


There are so many different possible design options. Not to mention that you can store them any way you like! Many people keep them simply as decorations and never light them. What you do with yours is totally up to you.


Not only is this project the perfect way to fight summer boredom this year, but it’s a totally fun and easy craft for everyone in your family. Don’t you love the way the candles turn out when they’re fully decorated?

What do you think? Will you try this project with your kids this summer? It’s so fun and easy!

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