For most working parents across the world, time spent in the car can amount to a healthy portion of time spent in any given week. From commuting to the office to taking the kids to basketball practice, your wheels are bound to put on a lot of miles every single day.

That’s why it helps to have your car tricked out with all of the very best hacks! No, these won’t save you a trip to the mechanic, but they will make all of that time in the car a lot smoother of a ride for you and your kids!

1. Use an old DVD case to create a coloring kit for the car.

01-car-hacksStacy Vaughn

2. Make a DIY on-the-go activity center to keep all your kids’ things organized and in one place.

02-car-hacksSimply Kierste

3. Make a DIY trash tote to keep things tidy and stylish.

03-car-hacksFinny Knits

4. Use shoe racks to keep track of every item you might possibly need.


5. Make a DIY activity center out of a binder.


6. If you’re the giving type, make baskets full of basic necessities that could be handed out to needy folks.

06-car-hacksJoy’s Hope

7. Use a shower caddy to keep on-the-go eating from becoming too messy.


8. Keep crumbs off the seat under the little ones by using a fitted sheet.


9. Protect your child’s seatbelt.

09-car-hacksFrugal Freebies

10. Make a bucket-pulley system to hand your kids things they need.


11. If all else fails, make a fun snack basket!

11-car-hacksThe Realistic Mama

Those are all so nifty for parents who are on the go. Then again, everyone could stand to have a snack basket in their car… just in case!

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