Deciding on the perfect way to decorate your kitchen can be tough because you want the room to look as nice as possible while also being functional and convenient. If it looks good but is a pain to actually cook in, or vice versa, it can get old pretty quickly!

Thankfully there are some excellent kitchen accessories you can get that emphasize both visual appeal and convenience, and even better, you can make many of them yourself!

This DIY knife holder is the perfect example. With just a wooden plank, some magnets, and a few simple tools that you probably already have at home, you can easily create an awesome decorative accessory for that’s as handy as it is pleasing to the eye!

You can make an excellent DIY magnetic kitchen knife holder using just these simple items: a wooden plank, 15+ small round magnets, a drill with a forstner drill bit the same diameter as the magnets, wood glue, and two screw-in hook attachments.

plank-1OWN / Youtube

Step 1: Use the drill with attached forstner bit to create a number of holes in the backside of the wooden plank without going all the way through the board.

plank-2OWN / Youtube

It can help to mark the depth of the holes with tape on the sides so that they are all uniform.

plank-3OWN / Youtube

Step 2: Secure the magnets in the holes using the wood glue and let them set for at least 20 minutes.

plank-4OWN / Youtube

Step 3: Next, screw in the hook attachments.

plank-5OWN / Youtube

There should be one on each side of the plank so that the weight will be equally distributed when hung on the wall.

plank-6OWN / Youtube

Step 4: Take one of your kitchen knives and place it on the front of the board. If it stays in place, you’re good to go!

plank-7OWN / Youtube

Step 5: Finish the wood if you so choose and hang it up in the kitchen!

plank-8Lauren Bruker / Pinterest

You won’t believe how simple it is to create one yourself!

What a cool idea! This handmade knife holder would definitely be an excellent and unique addition to any kitchen.

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