The pantry is, without a doubt, the most chaotic place in the house. With so many people jumping in and out to grab a snack or put a meal together, it’s only natural for it to end up looking like the Tasmanian Devil tore through it.

So it’s no surprise that organizing your pantry can feel like an overwhelming process. Who has the time? And what’s the point if it’s just going to get messy again? But with a little bit of planning and know-how, you can organize it easily—and make sure it stays that way!

Pantries are almost impossible to organize. More often than not, it looks like a bomb went off inside them—and with cereal boxes and snacks haphazardly strewn about, it’s tough to keep them tidy… until now!


Start by dumping the contents of your pantry into empty laundry baskets. You’ll want a clean start!


Next, prep the space. Remove the wooden dividers, and install corner bases for the lazy Susans that you’ll be using later.


Use easy-to-apply (and reusable!) wallpaper to quickly refresh the walls. This one mimics pretty wainscoting without all the actual work!


Look at what a difference it makes!


Now, remember those corner bases? Buy or make your own lazy Susans. This one is a favorite because the plastic lip keeps items from falling out.


Attach the turntables to the prepped bases.


Now it’s time to go through your pantry items. Remove pasta and beans from boxes into clear glass jars. This will both preserve them and make them easier to identify.


Label other jars for your baking supplies and sweet treats.


Transfer your cereal to these thin space-saving containers to make the most use of your shelves.


A floral wreath makes a stunning finishing touch!


The finished result is worth the effort! This new and improved pantry has a place for everything!


This is absolutely worth the time and elbow grease! It’s like a whole new room! It sounds like there’s a trip to Home Depot coming up in our not-so-distant future.

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