It seems like the cost of goods and services never stops increasing. If you need to purchase something new, or you an item repaired, it always costs and arm and a leg. Not everyone has the kind of cash to fix each problem or satisfy every need they have.

This is where do-it-youself projects can make a huge difference —You can build what you need at a fraction of the price of buying it new! The best part is that DIYs have become so popular that you don’t have to look very hard to find great ideas or inspiration.

A woman named Mindi runs the DIY site My Love 2 Create, and she has a fantastic step-by-step guide for how to create a lovely corner flower planter out of old cabinet siding.

Mindi, a mother of two and the creator of My Love 2 Create, fell in love with DIY blogs and was inspired to take the tips she learned to make her own site. Here, she lays out her step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect corner planter out of cabinet doors!

diy 1My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

For this task, you’ll need a 1×4 piece of wood, three corner shelves (which can be cut using scrap wood), Gorilla wood glue, nails and whatever sort of accessories you’ll want to adorn the planter with.

To start, you’ll need two cabinet walls positioned at a 90-degree angle for the structure of the planter itself. This is what you’ll build everything else onto.

diy 2My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

Next, you’re going to construct the corner shelves. Cut the 1×4 plywood at 45-degree angles so they fit snugly against the interior of the cabinet walls. Add glue to the front of the plywood and then attach the 1×4 with nails. Repeat this process for the other two shelves.

diy 3My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

Afterwards, secure the wood with more nails for support. 

diy 4My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

It’s a good idea for there to be a little bit of a gap between the shelves and the cabinet. This aids in water runoff and prevents plants from over-saturation.

diy 5My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

When the shelves are finally installed, it may be a good idea to add a layer of mesh on each one to help with water drainage.

diy 6My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

Now, the planter is yours to decorate however you like! Once you’re done you’ll find you have a fantastic looking planter that will fit perfectly into any bare corner of your home. 

diy 7My Love 2 Create / My Love 2 Create

There you have it! All you need is a few materials and some time and you can have a wonderful planter sure to impress guests!

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