These days, it’s hard to find an activity that will keep the whole family satisfied while spending time together without any electronic devices. Swing sets still entertain the kids at a certain age, but once they’re too old for the swings, what’s a creative parent to do?

One Instructables DIY-er hodgepodgerama tackled this problem by incorporating swings into his latest project. But as many dads with an eye for DIY know, swings alone don’t cut it for the adults.

So he went a step further and created the perfect backyard structure for his whole family to enjoy. When you see what it is, you’ll want one, too!

When Instructables user hodgepodgerama realized his backyard needed a family-friendly replacement for the swing set his kids had grown out of, he had a genius idea: a porch swing fire pit!

swing1hodgepodgerama / Instructables

The first thing he needed to do was find a safe spot in the backyard without overhanging tree branches that might accidentally catch fire.

swing2hodgepodgerama / Instructables

Next, he created a hexagon with six wooden posts to help support the fire pit’s overhead cover. He used a central rod to measure the placement of each post, and a power auger to dig the holes.

swing3hodgepodgerama / Instructables

He positioned a wooden hexagon on top of the posts and began to level out the structure. This would act as the frame that would support the swing benches and surround the entire fire pit.

swing4hodgepodgerama / Instructables

He then dumped gravel inside the base of each post to ensure proper water drainage. Afterward, he topped the gravel with concrete and let it sit overnight, bracing the wood so it wouldn’t move during the drying process. Once dry, he sanded each post and added cross beams to the top for stability.

swing5hodgepodgerama / Instructables

Next, the homeowner stained the wood and leveled out the grass in the center to accommodate the fire pit, which he built out of concrete landscape blocks.

swing6hodgepodgerama / Instructables

He also used adhesive to ensure that the fire pit would stay put for a long time.

swing7hodgepodgerama / Instructables

Once the frame was study and the fire pit was complete, he hung porch swings from the wooden structure. How gorgeous!

swing8hodgepodgerama / Instructables

This DIY-er’s family now enjoys the space with or without a fire going, at night or during the day. It turned out to be the perfect way for this family to spend time together!

swing9hodgepodgerama / Instructables

Isn’t this pretty? It’d make for a nice place to spend time with family and friends, toasting marshmallows and enjoying a post-dinner chat—especially now that the kids are grown!

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