Lovers of epic movies and sweet tunes can attest that nothing spices up living room entertainment like an awesome sound system. The thing is, a good pair of speakers ain’t cheap—and if you want to get great speakers, you need to reconcile yourself to spending a pretty penny.

But what if you could access a killer sound system without breaking the bank? Sounds impossible, right? Well, a man named Barry Abrams recently discovered how to accomplish just that, and after you see his clever solution, you’ll want to try it, too.

With a pair of old speakers and some hard work, he created something you’ll wish you had in your home!

A man named Barry Abrams wanted to upgrade his living room’s sound system, but new speakers weren’t quite in his budget. What to do? DIY his own, of course! Thankfully, Barry didn’t have to look far: he found a pair of Fisher brand speakers on the curb. He figured they were from the late 1980s or early ’90s, and they weren’t much to look at on the surface—but they fit perfectly into his vision.


He started the project by removing the speaker covers. If you are passionate about speakers, then you already know that you can’t tell a lot about them until you take off the covers and have a look around at their insides. What he uncovered was pretty cool, don’t you think? It seemed like they were in excellent condition for their age…


With the covers off, it was easier for Barry to get a sense of what he was working with. While the speakers were a great base, he was not content to leave them as they were when he first found them. So, he cut these holes in a piece of plywood. Can you guess what he was about to do next?


Next, Barry built a box for the whole setup. The new cover was just the beginning. What he had in mind would totally transform the speakers into something that wouldn’t even be recognizable to anyone else who passed by them on the street.


Barry then visited a local supplier and picked up some hardwood. It’s great that he had this local supplier as a resource. Isn’t it tremendous how much a difference that real wood can make when you are doing projects like this one?


The only features Barry was worried about were the power and volume, so he devised a way to control both with this single knob. Because the elements he was interested in controlling were so relatively simple, it helped with his project’s overall low-impact look.


Using a cheap $25 control, he set up the volume and power. Isn’t it cool how, with just a little bit of money and some elbow grease, you can wind up creating something totally one-of-a-kind? Sure, you’re still putting money towards the project, but nowhere near as much as you would typically if you’d purchased it new.


Barry then used a 3D printer to make some custom designs for the rest of the controls. Because 3D printers have become so accessible, projects like this one are easier to accomplish than ever before. Plus, the kinds of things you can create end up having such a cool and professional look!


This is the mechanism that was going to make everything work. Barry built the design himself from scratch! It was equal parts existing technology and a special prototype he whipped up using his3D printer. Finally, all of the pieces were coming together…


The knob on the outside of the console rotates the cylinder, which then opens the switch. When the switch is triggered, the speakers are turned off, and vice-versa. It’s kind of crazy how seldom we think about how mechanisms like this one work when we use them everyday.


A smooth polish was then placed on the outer shell. This set of speakers was starting to look less and less like some trash from the side of the road and more like a retro piece of equipment that had been passed down for generations!


After eight or nine coats of polyurethane—and a week of waiting for it to seal—the sound system was ready. What a gorgeous set of speakers! They would fit right in inside any living room. And now it was time for the fun part…


“We put it through wide test of rap, bluegrass, and the Space Jam theme song,” said the master builder. “It sounds great.” Looking at it now you would think that Barry had spent years saving to buy up this old-school speaker set, but astoundingly, it was his own creation.


The mesh fabric was the final touch, and it undeniably brought the entire project together. It looked less like a speaker set and more like a piece of vintage furniture you might find in the house of some celebrity or collector of fine antiques.


The speakers were also WiFi enabled, so no wires were needed to blast Barry’s tunes! The speakers might look totally vintage chic, but they have actually got all of the perks of modern technology! People must love visiting Barry’s house.


Barry’s not the only person with a passion for creating his own speaker cabinets. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this sleek pair of DIY pine speaker boxes. These are just the speakers—not the controls—but they are still pretty great-looking.


If you want to build your own speakers but feel like your own carpentry skills aren’t yet up to muster, then you might want to look into ordering a DIY speaker cabinet package, like the one pictured below. They provide the wood and the plans, and you do the building.


If you want to go a little bit more rustic with it, there’s nothing stopping you! Look at the great set of speakers this log-lover made just using the trunk of a felled tree! There’s nothing quite as cool as watching technology and nature unite to create something totally unique!


These people make some truly incredible creations. If you like what Barry did with his project, visit his Etsy shop where he sells his work.

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