Nothing ruins a nice home-cooked meal quite like bugs crawling all over your kitchen. All it takes is one sighting at a dinner party, and everyone in the neighborhood will know your dirty secret in no time!

Faced with this problem on a consistent basis, one woman discovered a way to get rid of the annoying sugar ants in her kitchen—and save herself the embarrassment of being known around town as the lady with the dirty kitchen.

When you see what she did, you’ll be asking yourself how you hadn’t thought of this trick before!

There’s no way around it: having bugs in and around your home is no good. This is especially true if they’ve found their way into your kitchen. That’s a surefire way to ruin a nice home-cooked meal or just about any dinner party.

When one woman was faced with this problem on a regular basis, she decided to take matters into her own hands to get rid of the sugar ants that were always ruining her dinner parties. Luckily, it didn’t involve calling an expensive exterminator.

If sugar ants are a constant problem in your home, too, you’re going to want to give this woman’s easy DIY trick a shot. Best of all? It only requires a few household items you probably already have sitting in your cupboard right now…

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For the first step, grab some ordinary powdered sugar or a simple syrup from your cupboard. These items will be used to lure these creepy crawlies into a DIY trap that will get rid of them from your house for good.

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Next, identify where ants are congregating in your home. You’ll likely see them the most on the floor in the corners of your kitchen. Those will be the best places to set your DIY traps—and catch those ants once and for all!

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Now, you’ll want to finally create your DIY ant trap. Ready? It’s quite simple: just make a solution by mixing a combination of sugar and borax, a common household cleaner. Borax is safe for humans, but it proves very deadly to those ants.

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To make your own supply of this easy anti-ant solution, you’ll need to mix anywhere from one to two tablespoons of borax crystals with half a cup of sugar until both ingredients are completely blended. Next, dissolve the mixture in one-and-a-half cups of warm water.

Once the powder is dissolved, it’s ready to be used! Soak a cotton ball in this solution and place it in the parts of your home where you’ve seen the most ant activity. They will be attracted by the sugar—and inadvertently consume the borax in the process.

sugar-ants-6Facebook/ Lisa Woelke

Of course, this is a rather inexpensive solution to blend, so feel free to double up on the ingredients if need be—especially if your ant problem is more severe than a minor infestation. You’ll be sure to get rid of them in no time!

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Thanks to this easy to make DIY anti-sugar ant solution, you can get back to hosting your regular dinner parties. You’ll never have to worry about those little pests becoming a problem in your home ever again!

This is an easy and cheap solution to a very annoying problem. The ants in your home are toast!

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