Maintaining your backyard and keeping it beautiful can be a great deal of work. Typically, if you want it to look extra special, you might assume that you’ll need to spend a lot of money on landscape design and upkeep. That’s not necessarily always true, though!

Luckily, there’s a new way to make your back yard look great with materials that you probably already own. If you think those old stumps and branches littering your yard are just a nuisance, think again. You could be staring at a natural way to improve the look of your yard—for free!

 Maintaining a yard can be a real pain in the neck. All of the time spent raking, mowing, and trying to keep your weeds under control can be, quite literally, a chore. And that’s to say nothing of trying to actually decorate the place!

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Making things worse is when your yard is riddled with obstacles like stumps, large branches, and other objects that are potentially heavy, difficult, and expensive to remove. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Luckily, there’s a fun and relatively simple DIY project that anyone with the proper tools can do right in their own backyard! The best part? You can keep those stumps right where they already are!

Though you might’ve never realized it, what was once an ordinary, boring old tree stump is essentially the perfect natural planter for your flowers… or, at least, it has the potential to be.

Old stumps are really just the beginning. Even large tree trunks can be used to carve out beautiful planters as well. Frankly, as long as there’s ample space to hollow out and place some plants, lots of different shapes and sizes can work brilliantly.

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Just about any part of a fallen tree—assuming that it’s large enough—can be made into a spectacular, functional planter for your flowers. You can get creative with them, too. And you’ll be the talk of the town for sure. So, how do you actually turn those unsightly stumps into pretty planters?

There are a number of different ways for you to hollow out stumps and logs in order to create your own fabulous planters. First, you’ll need to decide what you want the end result to look like. What kinds of flowers do you want? How tough is your tree stump or log? Planning is key!

In most cases, you’ll want to use a traditional ax. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy new equipment; just see what you have lying around the garage. That said, you should always be careful handling sharp equipment—safety comes first.

If you’re uneasy about handling an ax—or if you’re dealing with a larger tree stump or log—you might want to consider an electric power tool like a drill or saw. If you take it slow and follow directions, you should be able to chip away enough of a hole for your plants.

Again, safety is important. There’s really no way to create your own tree stump planters without using sharp or potentially dangerous equipment, so stay alert, wear the right clothing, and get help from someone who’s experienced if you can.

After you’ve hollowed out a hole in your tree stump or log, you’ll want to add some potting soil or compost to the space. This will not only provide nutrients for your flowers and plants, but it’ll help keep them from falling out!

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You also don’t need to carve out a perfect hole—just enough of a space where you can place dirt and your seeds. It really all depends on what kind of tools and foliage you have at your disposal or feel most comfortable using. Finally, you’re ready to plant your seeds!

Due to the unique nature of these planters, you’re going to need to be conscientious of what kind of seeds you’re putting in them, as well as where you’re keeping them. You can’t grow just anything in a tree stump, after all!

The best kind of plants to grow in planters like these, where room to grow is limited, are the ones with shallow roots. Shallow-rooted flowers like geraniums are excellent choices, as are a number of different succulents, such as cacti.

Additionally, even though all of the materials needed for these potential planters can likely be found right in your own back yard, that doesn’t mean they have to be confined to your yard, either…

These vibrant succulents sure do look amazing when grown inside these hollowed-out logs, don’t they? Anything like this would be sure to impress house guests who want to visit your home, and you can keep them wherever you prefer, since they don’t require much water.

It’s almost difficult to believe that where these pretty, healthy flowers stand was once a large, proud, living tree in its own right. But here in the safety of that little stump, they have everything they need.

Beyond the rustic beauty of these natural planters, they’re important on a scientific level, too. Think about it: these seemingly inconsequential pieces of wood could provide their own little ecosystem for all sorts of plant life!

Most importantly, any time you spend creating one of these tree stump planters is worth it once you see how great they look on your property! You might just make your neighbors jealous…

So, now that you’ve learned just about everything there is to know in order to design your own planters out of tree stumps and logs, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get planting!

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You never know what you have lying around that could be recycled into something beautiful and fun. Turns out that includes old stumps in your yard, too!

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