There’s nothing better for entertaining at home than having your own bar. It provides a nice central location to gather and prepare drinks, and it lets the host play bartender to friends and family.

Not to mention all the money they’ll save by not going out on the weekend anymore!

This guy had a great idea for creating his own home bar, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. It all started with the front end of a beat-up 1951 Ford F-3 pickup truck…

When one man had a crazy idea to build a home bar out of an old car frame, he began searching the internet for parts. He was lucky enough to find the front end of an old 1951 Ford F-3 for a great price, so he snapped it up as soon as he possibly could.

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The first step he took was to sand away the old painted-on liner on the inside of the truck body and then spray it with a new bed liner. Doing this was a precautionary method to prevent further rusting of this part of the automobile. The transformation was underway…

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Figuring people were most likely to lean against the front of the bar while they were drinking and socializing, he decided it was best to remove the grate. His next step was to secure the front bumper, which he would accomplish by re-bolting it to the front end of the vehicle.

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Then, he cut away the parts of the frame and body that were beginning to rust through the original paint job. Unable to fully replace this portion of the vehicle without causing damage, he repaired the areas with Bondo, a synthetic body-filler resin that would fill these gaps nicely.

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For the next step, he ceased working on the vanity aspects of the vehicle momentarily and got to work on the actual bar itself. His end goal was for it to have a similar appearance to the bed of an old pickup truck. He thought the best way to achieve this was with a wood surface.

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He put in lots of work to make the wood look as realistic and clean as possible. Once he was done cutting and sanding the boards, it looked like a genuine old-time flatbed! All of the extra elbow grease he had put into his project was definitely going to pay off in the long run.

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Before the DIY craftsman bolted down the boards of the flatbed, he gave the metal part of the front end a new paint job! He knew that making it too perfect wasn’t going to cut it, so he made sure to sand it unevenly to give the truck an authentic worn-in appearance.

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For his next step, he secured the bar top with fasteners and gave it some flashy chrome edging, similar to what could be found on a replica of such a vehicle. To put the finishing touches on the exterior front-end of the vehicle, he installed the headlights and a new grill.

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Thinking ahead to how the drinks were going to be served once his bar was up and running, he built an inner-shelf for the bartender to use and installed a tap fixture so a CO2 canister and keg hose could connect underneath. He wasn’t going to miss any of the important details.

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For his next step, he moved the truck body to its spot where it would stand in the house and attached the real tires to the frame. He even completed them with matching antique hubcaps, which he felt was an important aspect of keeping the authenticity of the vehicle. 

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In his final step, he capped the whole thing off with some LED lights placed in the headlight fixtures. This way he could turn them on and show people the close attention to detail he had used. That was it, his authentic pickup truck bar war ready to be used by all of his guests.

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When all was said and done, it was not too bad for something that started off as little more than a rusty bucket of bolts bought off the internet! It just goes to show what sort of DIY projects people can accomplish in and around their homes with a little extra elbow grease.

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It would be incredible to have a living room bar like that! Then again, maybe having beer on tap all the time would be too tempting to handle…

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