An emergency is the worst time to realize how dependent we are on electricity. Whether it’s a severe storm that causes loss of power at home or running out of fuel on a deserted road, most of us are underprepared for unexpected circumstances. One of the first things that you’ll miss during such a crisis? Light.

Flashlights and emergency lights will only last for so long before their batteries drain. After that, you’re completely reliant on daylight to come to the rescue. Of course, once night falls, you’re alone in the dark again.

But, it turns out that there’s another great way to generate light when you need it most, and practically all it takes is a tuna can!

During an emergency, one of the worst things you can lose access to is your electricity. You don’t even realize how dependent you are on a simple electrical current until that vital moment when it’s officially taken away from you.


Sure, you have flashlights on hand in your home, but even those run on batteries, which can burn out quickly. But, there is a nifty little DIY trick that can supply us with the light we need, and all it requires is a can of tuna!


You heard that right. While it seems very unconventional, it actually works perfectly. All you need is a can of tuna, a sharp instrument to cut a hole directly into the aluminum of the can, a paper towel, and a lighter or match.

You’ll start by cutting a small hole in the top of the can with the sharp instrument. Most people are advised to use a pair of scissors for this step, because they’re sharp enough to get the job done. Still, make sure they’re not too sharp that they’ll cut you.


Next, take the piece of paper towel and roll it up tightly into a shape that looks like a large candle wick. Make sure the hole you cut into the can can snuggly fits the paper towel, or else the candle won’t burn properly and it could become a potential hazard.

Once the paper towel is secured inside of the hole in the can, now it’s time to light the candle. Be careful with the torch, though; the entire paper towel can go up in flames rather quickly if you don’t light the very tip of it. Just take your time!


If you perform these steps carefully, you’ll now have a candle that will burn for up to three hours! Pretty cool stuff, huh? That’s an important tool to have in case of an emergency inside of your home.


Who would have thought that an everyday item like a can of tuna could be so vital during an emergency? It goes to show that many of the items you have randomly lying around your home can be used in many more ways than one.

In case you’re a little confused as to how to hook up your DIY burner, watch the video below for step-by-step instructions! You’re going to have some amazing burners in your home in no time, and you’ll never worry about the power going out again!

Wow! That was seriously so much easier than you could’ve imagined, right? Now you can rest easy and never have to worry about losing access to a light when your power goes out and your batteries are drained. And it’s all thanks to the multifaceted nature of tuna cans!


This trick is incredible! And the fact that you can actually still eat the tuna afterwards makes tuna cans a must in any survival kit.

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