There’s nothing worse than traveling in a freezing cold car. It seems like by the time your vehicle actually starts to feel warm, you’re already at your destination!

It’s very tempting to idle your car for a few minutes to heat it up, but experts agree that this common winter practice isn’t just unnecessary, it can be harmful! Here’s what you need to know about why you shouldn’t leave your car idling to warm it up…

In the winter months, many people let their car idle for a little while to heat it up before they go somewhere. However, experts say that it’s unnecessary and can actually be harmful!


Experts say it’s a myth that most engines need time to warm up. This idea dates back to when most cars had carburetors instead of computerized-fuel injection systems which adjust to the outside temperature. 


Not only could this common winter practice be hurting your car, but it could also be doing damage to your wallet and the environment!


Find out why experts agree you shouldn’t idle your car to heat it up during the winter months in the video below.

Wow, I had no that heating up your car like that could be so harmful! Never again!

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