Hamburgers and doughnuts are two foods that couldn’t be more different, yet people try to combine them all the time. Most of these attempts end in horrible, inedible failure, but every one in a while, someone comes along and finds the perfect way to join these two delicious foods together.

This hamburger-doughnut creation from the geniuses at BBQ Pit Boys takes the cake. It’s called a stuffed doughnut burger, but it’s not what it sounds like. In fact, it’s so much better.

One of the best parts of these burgers is their versatility, as you can stuff them with whatever you like. From bacon to scallops to, well, stuffing, the sky is the limit if you follow these instructions!

To make delicious doughnut burgers, start by gathering some ingredients that you would like to add to your masterpiece.

1-doughnut burgers

You’ll also need ground beef with some salt and pepper, like you normally would for a burger.


Use a jar to cut a hole into the center of a burger patty.


Learn the rest of the recipe with detailed instructions here!

Your mouth won’t stop watering after looking at these burgers. Who wants to make some right now?

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