Guns are a highly controversial topic of discussion in the United States. While Americans debate the limits of gun control, their Second Amendment rights remain intact, allowing them to arm themselves for hunting, recreational, or protection purposes. But many people go much farther than that, in which their guns and other artillery are treated more as collector’s items.

One Colorado gun collector—the self-proclaimed “Dragon Man”—has constructed an entire museum that he calls Dragon Land. It holds everything from original war vehicles to loaded machine guns to antique (and live) grenades.

In fact, the Dragon Man just might be the most armed man in America.

This is Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein. His Colorado museum of collectible artillery—aptly called Dragon Land—may be the biggest in the country. He owns everything from live World War I machine guns to Vietnam War vehicles; he even collects rare Nazi paraphernalia.

dragonman1Hot Brass And Bullets / YouTube

A Vietnam War vet, the Dragon Man loves to test his guns out on the range. In fact, that’s how he earned his moniker: he often rides a flame-throwing motorbike that’s well-known among Colorado highway drivers. But that’s not all…

gunguy2Hot Brass And Bullets / YouTube

His entire collection is worth a whopping $10 million! Take a tour below of the Dragon Man’s lair dedicated to his unusual love of artillery…

The Dragon Man may be one of the most eccentric people in America—or at least in Colorado. Whatever you think of guns, you’ve got to admit this fellow is quite the character.

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