How you dress inevitably says something about you. Even if you try to downplay your style or blend in with the crowd, that speaks to something about your demeanor. The opposite is true too, and those with big, boisterous personalities usually dress the part!

That said, it can sometimes still be difficult to find the right words to describe what someone’s clothes say about them. For these 17 “uniquely” dressed individuals in particular, it might be best not to think too much about it!

1. Pizza and Britney are both great on their own, but if you’re gonna wear them together, you have to be randomly holding a hubcap to make it work.

style-1Imgur / KumJackson

2. You know what they say about dressing for the job you want, right?

3. It’s the the taco belle of the ball!

style-3Imgur / avantgeekart

4. Nothing says elegance like eating at Denny’s in your baggiest pair of Crown Royale pants!

style-4Reddit / KnightRedditer

5. To be fair, why not dress as Spider-Man if you’re a window washer?

style-5Imgur / Aepac

6.  Steve Buscemi is a great actor and all, but…no, just no.

style-6Reddit / reynabearrr

7. This couple seems pretty chipper. You’ve got to be real Lay-d back to rock outfits like those!

style-7Imgur / ke16

8. Is the weatherman giving us a clue about where lightning really comes from???

style-8Reddit / Nyamko

9. This baby shouldn’t even be on this list! He’s awesome… 

style-9Reddit / ahhvey

10. This kid is going places!

style-10Imgur / bigpaynis

11. They told him he couldn’t rock name-brand gear on his budget, but he sure showed them!

style-11Reddit / Sagandalf

12. The pattern, the placement, it’s all just…not good. Not good at all.

13. Bill Murray always dresses appropriately for the situation he’s in!

style-13Reddit / KentuckyForKentucky

14. No, you’re not not seeing things. That’s Ryan Gosling wearing of shirt of Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt of Gosling wearing a shirt of Culkin. Is that meta enough for you?

style-14Reddit / m2themichael

15. Now we know why nobody ever says “the cat’s pajamas!” to mean “cool” anymore…

style-15Imgur / NoNaMeGaMe0vEr

16. This couple knows you’ve got to dress to impress!


17. True fact: these pants have been permanently banned from all bouncy castles…


Those are some singular outfits! As long as they’re happy with how they look, who’s to judge though?

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