Drunk driving is a huge problem, plain and simple. Going out with friends and indulging in a few alcoholic drinks can be fun, but when it’s time to go back home, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is never the right choice.

Tom Mabe’s friend Ray had a problem when it came to driving under the influence; he did it way too frequently and had five DUI’s to his name. So one night after Ray passed out in his truck, Tom devised a plan to save his buddy once and for all.

 Getting behind the wheel of a car, even after only a little bit of alcohol, can be a horrible decision. The best possible outcome is having your license revoked or doing some jail time…

As we all know, alcohol lowers the response time of your reflexes. That means while traveling in a vehicle at high speeds, you have almost no time to react! Ending up in a ditch or the hospital is no way to finish off a night. 

Even if you don’t end up hurting yourself or someone else, getting pulled over by the police can result in some pretty life-changing consequences. That’s why one man had a very unique way of dealing with his friend’s frequent habit of drinking and driving…

Tom’s friend Ray not only drank a lot, but he would frequently get behind the wheel of a car after indulging too much. So, Tom devised a very intricate plan to teach him an important lesson.

Tom and Ray went to their favorite pub on a Friday night, and as usual, the drinks were flowing. However, at one point in the night, Ray disappeared, so Tom went to check his truck.

There, completely passed out in the driver’s seat, was Ray. Tom tried to wake his friend up, but he drank so much he was completely unresponsive. Tom knew now was the time to teach Ray a lesson he’d never forget…

Tom called a few of his friends who knew about the plan and told them it was time to get to work. His friends got together and started lugging a bunch of equipment into a room Tom rented out. What exactly were they doing?

They were building a fake hospital room! After the room was complete, Tom and the rest of the guys placed their passed out friend in the bed after dressing him in a gown. How would Ray react when he opened his eyes?

Tom and his crew knew it would be a few hours before Ray woke up; he drank a lot of alcohol that night. But, they would wait for as long as it took to make sure their plan unfolded…

Finally, when Ray began to stir, a woman pretending to be a nurse walked in and “checked his vitals.” Ray had no idea this was all staged. The look on his face was serious, and he clearly appeared concerned.

After the actress playing the nurse left, Tom, who was dressed as a doctor, entered the room slowly. Ray didn’t know it was his friend, and Tom proceeded to give Ray some news that rattled his entire world.

Tom, the “doctor,” told Ray he just woke up from a 10-year coma! He said Ray had driven home inebriated 10 years earlier, crashed his car, and had fallen into a coma. Ray looked dumbfounded, but then…

Tom pulled off his mask and began hitting Ray! He wanted to get the message through to his friend that even though this was a prank, it could have happened. Unfortunately, not all stories of drunk driving end in an elaborate prank.

An avid cyclist, 55-year-old Nancy Pease of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, always made it a point to stay active. She had no idea that one simple ride would change everything…

Nancy was taking part in the annual New York City Century Bike Tour with some friends when suddenly tragedy struck. It was an unforeseen accident that happened much too quickly.

While stopped at a red light, Nancy — along with several other bikers — were in the pathway of a speeding Dodge Caravan. Tragically, the vehicle was moving too fast for Nancy to react quickly enough…

The caravan struck Nancy head-on. She was unconscious when emergency workers arrived, and was then rushed to the hospital. Once there, she fell into a coma due to the severity of her injuries. Who was the man who caused such a horrific event?

The man behind the wheel, Antonio Pina, was an unlicensed driver who had been drinking until the early hours of the morning. When police gave him a breathalyzer test, he was over three times the legal limit. 

Pina was immediately arrested and charged with driving without a license, driving while intoxicated, and vehicular assault. He had no one to teach him a lesson, and a life was taken because of it.

People always think they have control over themselves after consuming alcohol at a bar or a party. Many times, they don’t, and the potential repercussions are in no way worth the risk. 

Hopefully, Ray learned his lesson after the elaborate prank Tom pulled. Even though the two were laughing about it at the end, Tom needed Ray to know just how serious of an issue his drinking and driving was.

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