As we traverse this crazy thing called life, floating through space on a giant rock called Earth, we’re met with a great number of questions. Some are profound, like “What’s the meaning of life?” and “How come Rose didn’t make room for Jack on that door at the end of Titanic?” Others, though not quite as important, are no less interesting.

One such seemingly unimportant (but intriguing!) question has been heroically answered by none other than everyone’s favorite YouTube personality, the Crazy Russian Hacker. The question: what happens when you toss 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool? The result may not be what you expect, but there’s no denying how ridiculously awesome it is!

To see what happens when you throw dry ice into a swimming pool, YouTube’s Crazy Russian Hacker first places dry ice in a cooler and starts to break it up.

01-dry-ice-in-swimming-poolYouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

Then he brings it to the edge of the pool…

02-dry-ice-in-swimming-poolYouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

And tosses it in! Wait for just after the one-minute mark for the good stuff.

Of course, this shouldn’t be tried at home. Dry ice—which is simply frozen carbon dioxide—creates a toxic layer at the surface and may cause you to faint, which is never a good thing when you’re in a pool.

The effect sure is neat, though; it’s almost like the set of a movie! Next question is, how long before you can go swimming in that pool again without melting your face off?

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